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Monday, 9 June 2014

A Very Mini Primark Haul

So, I only bought four things here and normally, that wouldn't warrant a post, but this is the first times I've bought clothes since mid March and frankly I'm proud of that so I wanted to share what finally broke me and got me to spend! Actually I spent very little so I'm not feeling buyers remorse really but I have to say Primark had some lovely stuff in for this Summer and I'm sure I'll be back!

First thing I bought was a stripy, baggy, boyfriend tee because let's face it; a) you can never have too many striped tops and b) you can never own too many boyfriend tees - you put them together and come on, how could you say no?! This was only £3.50 - such a bargain!

I then bought another tee, this time it's a Hogwarts one! There were two left and my sister and I grabbed them off the rail before we'd even finished reading them! It features the Hogwarts Crest and is just utterly freaking awesome! It's a great baggy shape and I will wear this far more than is probably socially acceptable for my age. It's a licensed tee for £6! Trust me, I was in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida last September and paid about £25 for a baby onesie - £6 is good!!

I picked up this little sunflower hair band too. It's not super elasticated, it's designed for slipping over a top knot to brighten things up. Now, I have to wear my hair up everyday for work and I hate it. I don't particularly suit having my hair back and also, it crushes all my curls so at the end of a shift when I do take my hair down it don't look so great. Anyway, while I'm not sure I can pull off a top knot (any tips anyone?) I thought this might cheer me up a bit about having to tie my hair back.

And lastly I picked up a statement necklace because I'm addicted to them and I genuinely love the ones that Primark do. Most of my statement necklaces are just one colour, or two like gold and black - kind of deliberately neutral so I can mix and match a lot, but now, with Summer coming (apparently) I wanted something with a bit of colour to it and I thought this was just perfect. Well, OK, not perfect I could do without the fake diamondy looking things on the front, but for £4, it's pretty freaking good. I think this will go so well with denim shorts, or my little gladiator sandals - really looking forward to working this into outfits.

And so that's it, too small to be a haul really, but still, I love seeing Primark posts from folks as you can't browse their range online!

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