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Friday, 6 June 2014

#FridayFaves: My Graphic Tees

Last weekend I did a little Primark shopping (mini haul coming on Monday), one of the things I bought was an awesome graphic tee. I literally squee with excitement when I put it on and it got me to thinking; I really do love a good t-shirt. Which is weird, because I rarely wear them. I have loads, and some are so, so old but I don't get rid of them because they make me laugh or they remind me of good old days - tees are definitely a nostalgic link for me, I love my little fabric babies!! So here are my favourite five; some so old and battered, some new, some probably only interesting to me, but here we go!

#1 Curiouser and Curiouser Alice in Wonderland Tee //
I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, and I cringe to hear myself say that because since the completely nonsensical movie by Tim Burton came out, everyone and their cat is a 'huge Alice in Wonderland fan' despite most having never read the books or knowing what the text is actually about... and now I've turned into that person who says "I liked them before they were famous, I'm a real fan".... great. I'm that guy. Anyway, Alice rant over, I love the books and Also the Disney animated film - this tshirt makes it into my favourites because it's so different from every other Alice tee I own. Most are kinda floral/pastel colours, or feature the original illustrations - this one is great because it's a more graphic style. It's bold and strong and I find looks really sleek with some great jeans and ballet pumps.

#2 Chillin' Wit' My Boo Tee //
I bought this in Florida when I was 16 and have worn it probably fortnightly since - and yes, don't it show! This poor tshirt has had a hard life. It makes it into my favourites because I mean, who doesn't love a good pun?! I also like to make a point of wearing it when I am hanging with Kenny just so the pun is more relevant - also, because it drives him slightly mad that I do that. 

#3 Expedition Everest Tee //  
 I own a lot of Disney World tees, many with giant Mickeys or Castles or other obvious icons on them and yes, I do wear them out (probably more than I should) but equally, while I love WDW and am not ashamed about it, sometimes it isn't always entirely appropriate to have it written on me in massive uppercase writing. This t shirt is actually from an attraction in Disney World called Expedition Everest (one of my favourites) and, while it does say the name down at the bottom, you'd have to be looking pretty closely to see it. This shirt allows me to show my love, but a little more subtly!

 I would like to apologise for all the cat hair on this shirt, apparently Smudge got to it while I was hanging the others...
She's so dastardly..

#4 Unstoppable Tee // Dinosaurs are hilarious, nuff said! 

  #5 Piiiiiiikkkkkaaaaaccchhuuuuu// So, OK, I don't wear this out this house so much these days but I remember buying this in Hot Topic when I was a teen and thinking it was the  coolest tshirt of all time. I still pretty much think that. His little tail goes around the back of the tee - how stinking adorable!? I actually do still wear this in Summer with skinnies and converse and pretend I'm 14 again. 

So those are my favourite five tees, well, probably. I have so many stashed various places that it's probably impossible to choose a definitive list. But still, I've enjoyed a walk down memory lane and I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the tees I've accumulated over the years! 

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