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Thursday, 19 June 2014

LUSH Blackberry Bath Bomb

This bomb is another new one for me. I picked it up because it's one of their bigger bombs - so I get to watch it fizz about for longer - and it doesn't have any real 'debris' in it (glitter, confetti etc), not that I'm against that stuff but for regular use; I prefer 'em simpler.

The bomb costs £2.95 and is usually available online and in store. It's a deep, dusky purple colour and that's what it will turn your bath water - there's no surprise under layer in here. It smells UH-MAAAAAAZZZZIIINNNG. I would have said it has a deep, fruity, musky smell that's still refreshing and not too stuffy... however having read the ingredients apparently what I'm smelling is frankinsence and bergamot - see, I suck at describing smells! But yeah, I'd say it's relaxing but still with a freshness to it - I'm not in to seriously musky smells. 

So like I said, it turns your water a beautiful deep purple and it smells good - end of review right? Not quite. This bath bomb has a little surprise hidden within that will bob to the surface once its all fizzled away:

Super cute right?!? See, 'cos it's a bomb... no?

What I really liked about this bomb too is that the scent really clings to your skin - so much so I couldn't bring myself to moisturise afterwards. I love when this happens - you feel all pampered and clean for longer. So I didn't rinse afterwards either because of the awesome smell and I'm happy to report - no skin irritation!

One thing though, this bomb does leave a lovely purple ring round your bath - it doesn't really bother me as it's not like you have to scrub to remove it; it literally wipes off, but I know some people aren't keen so I thought it was worth a mention.

And so that's my little review for the Blackberry Bath Bomb which has now made it firmly onto my 'repurchase again and again and again' list.

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