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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

NOTD: Essie's Truth or Flare

So I received this polish as part of the British Beauty Blogger Box from Latest in Beauty - I raved about the box, here. I'm not generally an Essie fan, the brushes are too narrow and fiddly for me, I prefer a short, chubby brush like the Rimmel Salon Pro ones.

That being said, I am in love with this colour. It launched as part of their Spring collection and it's really my favourite (in fact the only one I'd buy) of the bunch. It's as you can see, a medium blue with slightly muted/grey tones through it; colourful but also kind of subdued. My kinda thing.

I actually didn't find the brush as much of an issue on this one, but also haven't got round to digging out an older polish to do a brush comparison - have they changed the brushes? Or have I gotten better at painting my nails? (Option two seems unlikely...)

Two thin coats were all that was needed and I felt the polish wore well too - I did use a top coat, but even then (and given how clumsy I am) after a few days there was only minimal tip-chip.

It has actually changed my mind on Essie polishes a little (great, because I need to be buying more polishes like I need a hole in the head), and I think I will try out a few more colours and see how I get on.

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