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Monday, 2 June 2014

NOTD: Punk Rock

Think I was having some kind of Spring Nails rebellion the day I painted my nails with these, but what can I say - sometimes the sight of one more pastel colour will break you.

I actually bought this way back in February (when the colour would have actually been appropriate) but I promptly lost it in the vast see of nail polishes that is my bedroom floor. However, I stumbled upon it (literally) recently and well, I liked it too much to care about 'seasonally appropriate' colours. 

It's a fantastic deep, dusky, purple/blue/grey - it's really complex but at the same time almost slightly muted; it's that perfect grungy colour that we all know I love. 

I also freaking love these polishes - the brush on them is probably my favourite. EVER. It's the shortest fattest little thing which I just adore; it's so easy to control and for my small nails, it's easy to gt coverage in one sweep without getting it everywhere. (Although, Lord knows, I still manage half the time). One coat would have done it, but to make it super opaque I went for two.

These wear well, whether it's because they have Lycra in them, who knows - I'm not fussed what magic they use, I'm just glad I don't have to touch up every 4 hours.


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