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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

#NOTD: Revlon Parfumiere China Flower

So I bought this because a) I thought this was a nice classic red, a colour that's not really in my collection and b) frankly not a lot of colours floated my boat in the Parfumiere collection but I love the bottles and formula, so this best was the pick of a somewhat uninspiring bunch.

As I said, I 'thought' this was a classic red. It isn't. In the bottle, on a plastic nail swatch I swear it looked a true red, then my sister painted her nails wth it and lo, it actually has quite orange tones. 

So I painted my nails with it too to ensure my sister wasn't using some kind of colour changing witchcraft - she wasn't. And here it is on the nails:

I apologise for the slightly (read: very) dodgy paint job, I was having a little bit of an off day with hand-brush-eye coordination! 

Anyway, given that reds are notoriously difficult to build up and get a streak free, even colour with, this one really does quite well. This is three coats on my nails and I feel it's looking pretty even and opaque. Although it takes that extra coat or two it's worth pointing out that the formula allows for easy application of thin, fast drying coats so it's not a frustrating experience. 

Now, I've talked about this before in a previous post but I'll touch on it again here too - the Revlon Parfumiere polishes are scented. Not the bubblegum scented kind Claire's Accessories used to sell, no, these are scented polishes for grown ups. I've sniffed four from the range and feel the whole thing is executed pretty well, I'd not ground breakingly. Generally the scents  are strong enough that it's not a gimmick; you can smell them for days under a top coat, the question really is, do you want to? Lime Basil smells awfully like Toilet Duck, Ginger Melon smells like the fruity bunch of polishes you used when you were 8, a Moonlit Violets smells exactly like Parma Violets and China Flower here, well it does seem to have a more unique, sophisticated sniff to it. It smells like flowers, but not a generic floral scent, instead I find it smells like fresh orchids or something equally exotic - the downside? This is the weakest of the smells I've encountered. Unfortunately after a topcoat goes on or even without, after a few hours I couldn't smell this one unless I was sticking my finger practically up my nose which for obvious reasons, I'd rather not! 

Overall I still love this polish, and the range for that matter - they do it for me in packaging alone to be honest, but, they're not necessarily the unique offering the claim to be. I'm still happy I bought this colour, it's still a lovely, flattering red with a lovely finish - even so, I shall continue on in my quest for a 'true' red. 

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