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Friday, 13 June 2014

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Shadow Stick - Bulletproof Beige

I wanted to kind of give this pencil it's own little post here as I feel like I kind of half mention it a lot ("oh yeah, and I used this underneath" etc) without really giving it credit where credit is due. 

So, when I started working again as a barista I kind of stopped wearing powder shadows to work and started using cream ones like the Maybelline Colour Tattoo range. I generally find that they stick on my eyes better than powders do; less creasing and less fading. 

I actually have very un-oily eyelids and rarely use a primer - unless I'm going to an all day thing like a wedding where you have to look as good for photos at the end as you do at the start. However, I was missing being able to use all my eyeshadow palettes five days a week when I was working so I started thinking maybe it was time to invest in a primer and where to start?  I had the Urban Decay Primer Potion, Benefit's Stay Don't Stray and Too Faced's Shadow Insurance in and out my basket a million times - they all just seemed so expensive for everyday wear, when I don't seem that in need of a primer. 

So, I rethought things. If I'm going to make a mistake and buy something useless I'd always rather it was something cheap. So, I bought a pale shade from the Maybelline Colour tattoo range and tried that out as a 'base coat', no dice, too creamy so it kind of blurred in and too shimmery so it was still kind of visible.

Then I heard someone (Lily Pebbles maybe?) talk about the Scandaleyes eyeshadows. I think she was actually talking about the other variety that come in what look like lipgloss tubes, but still, it opened my eyes to a range I'd never really looked at before. I thought the pencils would be nice and practical (read: fast, even for my clumsy self) to apply and bonus, there was a colour perfect for purpose in the range: Bulletproof Biege. 

 The pencil on it's own

The top swatch is The Balm's Seductive over the pencil and the bottom shade is the shadow on its own. Also, for anyone wondering that cat hair is on my arm, not your screen *sigh*

So it is, as the name subtly suggests, a kind of beige colour and, while it's metallic in appearance it doesn't really contain any glittery bits to show through. The formula goes on nice and creamy - I just kind of colour in my eyelid with it and it always drys looking pretty even! I do think that potentially this alters the appearance of matte shadows and makes them look more metallic, but for me, that's not an issue. I kinda like it. I also figure you couldn't use the purple version under a gold eyeshadow as it would show through, but for me, using a nude(ish) pencil under nude eyeshadows, any little bit of show through is not an issue - not if it means the difference between getting to wear my eyeshadows to work or not!

While this definitely anchors my shadows and helps them stay in place for longer I'm not implying that this works as some kind of substitute for the likes of Urban Decay's Primer - it doesn't. If you really need a primer, then buy that, but, if like me you don't normally need a primer but just want something to slow down the fading process a little then this may be worth a try. 

It only costs £4.49 and of course, is frequently on offer (it's £1 off at the time of writing this) so let's face it, even if it doesn't work it's not a costly lesson to learn.

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