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Monday, 30 June 2014

SUMMER-TACULAR: Summer Wishlist

Ah, I do love a good wishlist post!
I think generally they're helpful for me in terms of controlling my spending; they help me to focus on what I 'need' and go shopping on more of a mission. But aside from that they're fun too. I shop more in the winter for sure; now that could just be because winter lasts 11 months here... but anyway, I'm not a huge Summer shopping fan; I don't do shorts or bare legs or fake tan or bikinis and the holiday I'm going this year doesn't require the purchasing of cute little outfits. So yeah, I guess I won't be spending much money over the next few months then... *chortle chortle*.

1. Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Native
I've never delved much into the world of bronzer before - I've had a few bad experiences and have basically chickened out since - I think just because I'm so pale, there's so much that can go wrong. But, with it being Summer and wanting to try new things and all, I'd like to get my paws on one of these - At least with Urban Decay you know the product quality is there so any big mishaps are totally my own doing!

2. Some new bits for my room
 Kind of realising that my duvet cover and various storage boxes etc are all looking more than a little past it! Time for a trip to Ikea methinks - poor Kenny won't know what hit him! My room is so cramped (read: cluttered) though so I'm going to refrain from buying too much but some new sheets for my bed and some nice photo frames and makeup storage would not go amiss! 

3. Kimono
Kimonos are very much on trend right now and every time I see someone wearing one or I see them in stores I so, so want one, but realistically would I get any wear out of it? I very rarely, if ever, leave the house without a jumper/jacket as I'm always chilly and let's face it a kimono only really works as a top layer... but still, me waaaaannts.

4. Summery Skirt/Skort
Really the only Summer-ish skirts I own are my maxi skirts and, much as I love them, there's kind of a time and a place you know. I feel like I'm wearing my jeans all the time just now, which isn't really like me, and I quite fancy a nice skirt (or skort) to break up my routine a bit.

5. Black Gladiator style sandals
I would like some sandals, I really would - I feel weird enough walking about in full length jeans on sunny days without also wearing boots too! However, I have small feet, which means I can't just nab a cheap pair in Primark and if I only wear them once, oh well. Some shoes I can get away with it sometimes, but I struggle to get this style of sandal anywhere but the New Look teens section - not really a problem normally, except this time around they don't have exactly what I want. Couple that with the ever present Scottish concern of "will we even get a Summer?!?" and you can probably see why these are on a wish list and not a 'to buy' list.

So that's it, my Summer wishlist for 2014. I know it's short (and therefore probably a bit dull) but hey, I'm just not as in to shopping for Summer things! What's on your Summer wishlist?


  1. I really want that Naked Palette and a kimono too! Topshop has some amazing ones x

    1. I haven't even let myself look in Topshop yet lol, I've heard a few people say how awesome their kimonos are and I know I wouldn't be able to walk out without buying one! x


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