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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Balm's "How 'Bout them Apples" Cheek and Lip Cream Palette

Well, that's not the catchiest title for a blog post ever now is it? Try saying that three times fast. Unless you're reading this on your phone on the bus - then don't do that. I've recently posted about my love for The Balm's Nude 'Tude eyeshadow palette and the versatility and high quality I feel it offers, so of course, I couldn't help but try out some more products from the brand now could I?

This review was already a bit of a spoiler victim as I featured the product in my May favourites, but still, I thought you'd like to hear a bit more about the product rather than just hear me say "I love it, I love it, I looooovvvveee it".

So this isn't the easiest product to get  hold of in the UK it would seem - Birchbox sell it in their shop (which is where I got mine), though it's showing as out of stock at the moment. The palette costs £26 and contains six cheek/lip creams at around 3g each.

Let's start with the packaging then shall we. The Balm is known for having super adorable retro style packaging and this is certainly no exception... although err... there may be something else that kinda catches my eye. That's right ladies, for reasons I'm not entirely clear on (I'm sure there's a reference/relevance I'm not getting) each cream has a name and also a corresponding picture of a topless cowboy - not that I'm complaining! For anyone interested the dude next to 'Pie' is my favourite - he looks a bit Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise.

So, ahem, let's all pull our minds out the gutters shall we?! 

The palette also contains a huge mirror, no annoying foam applicators to speak of and each of the creams is named which I find massively preferable. So let's look at those colours:

Top left is Cider // The palest in the palette, Cider is a non shimmery pinkey, bronzey flesh tone that's understated and *spoiler* my favourite.

Top right is Cobbler // A deep, non shimmery apple red - this one looks terrifying when you first apply it, you only need  a little! Once worked in though it has a very classic look to it

Middle left is Pie // A bold, strong non shimmery pink - again this one looks scary but is in fact very workable.

Middle right is Crisp // A pink with gold shimmer running through it. The shimmer is pretty fine and unlike a lot of sparkly blushers, I don't find the colour rubs off half way through the day and your just left with glitter.

Bottom left is Candy // As the name suggests this is a candy pink - probably my second most worn of the bunch (or should I say bushel?! See what I did there?)

Bottom right is Caramel // A much more brown toned, deep pink that I honestly haven't played with that much as yet.

 Left to Right in the order described above

So you may have noticed when I'm describing these I'm refering to them as blushers and not lip/cheek colours... well that's because I don't like them on my lips. At all. Colour wise they work well - great coverage, not patchy, they wear well... but I don't like the feel of them. It's weird because on my cheeks they don't feel powdery at all, but on my lips - yuk! I am not a fan! I do think I could probably experiment a bit more, I'd like to like them as it would make life so much easier (read: my makeup bag so much lighter!!).

 Highly unflattering up close shot of Cobbler on my lips - this was one quick sweep, honestly, it does build up to being a much more solid colour.

So the formula of these things is great - they are super well pigmented but at the same time, you have so much control over them. Once I apply it, I feel like I have plenty of time to work it in or wipe it off and get an even look I'm happy with - sometimes with cream blushes I put them on and I'm frantically wiping and rubbing and even so I'm left with a weird dot of colour in the centre of my cheek. These also wear very,  very well. I've been wearing them on average days where I walk 2.4 miles to do a 9 hour shift at work ( a work that's hot, steamy and messy) and at the end of it these blushes are still there.

This palette has also taught me something else. I am very pale, but I have very ruddy cheeks - you should see me in winter.... I'm sure there's a Rudolph joke in there, but I can't quite find it. I had always thought that powder blushes were good - as they were like a lighter film and that shimmer was good - less of a strong block of colour and more of a highlight sorta thing. Right? Wrong! This palette has made me rethink all that completely. These colours work with my natural colouring an give me a lovely, even, natural flush of colour - something I've always struggled to achieve before.

My favourite and by far most worn is Cider. I'm so surprised by this as it really does look the dullest out of the bunch, but this is my absolute go-to for a daily, not too much look now - so much so I'm actually carrying this entire palette around with me on overnight stays! It's that good, I can't bear to be without it!

This is my first experience of a lip/cheek palette and at first, I thought it was maybe a bit frivolous - I mean really, does one need so many at once? Yes, yes one does. I can't imagine being without this now; the versatility it offers, the complete reliability in the quality of the products - truly incredible! For £26 I'd say it's a bargain and frankly, it'll sort you for blush for a long, long time. I'm hoping I find a way to deal with the sensation of them on my lips as, like i said, they look great, but even if I don't I don't view it as a disappointment at all - even as stand alone blushers these are truly the best I've ever used.

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