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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A 21st Birthday Picnic

My mum, my sister and I - yes that's me on the right, not some ghost that's shown up on the film during editing.

No sadly, not my own 21st Birthday - I crossed that landmark a while ago now *sighs longingly* - but last week was my little sister's 21st; which sounds so scary, how can my little sister be 21?! I only feel like I'm about 10! Does anyone else feel like that?

It was probably the hottest day we've had here in a while/ever and so all plans of visiting restaurants or other indoor activities were scrapped in favour of packing up a big picnic and heading out to a local park - which was kinda miraculously not a sea of children kicking footballs and dogs weeing on everything in sight.

Also, please do excuse the complete lack of makeup on everyone and the slightly mad hair - did I mention it was hot? I had all these visions of donning some kind of floral gown and having perfect, classy Downtown-esque makeup and photographing the picnic beautifully as we all lay around with parasols and cucumber sandwiches but the reality was I was breaking a sweat just trying to get dressed and my makeup would have been dripping off me faster than I could re-apply it - isn't that a lovely image now folks?

The classic parent-child smothering birthday hug

It was, I imagine, like everyone's family get togethers. People show up early leaving mother running about with a feather duster at lightning speed as the car backs into the driveway and eventually deciding 'screw it', and throwing every offending bit of clutter into the spare room and shutting the door. The number of people attending the picnic constantly rises meaning what starts off as a few sandwiches to be made ends up in a line production, several loaf extravaganza, requiring someone to stand behind the production station shouting instructions and judging butter application at all times. And of course all the usual fun of attempting to picnic; people for seemingly no apparent reason suddenly tumbling, face forward off folding chairs, a wasp harassing someone in the group to the point of driving them mad, but of course, nobody else can see it, drinks getting spilled, iPhone's overheating and being placed in the cooler, being forgotten about and then buried under yoghurts and leaking tubs of fruit and of course, the inevitable game of Frisbee that turns out to be a lot harder than it looks and leaves everyone a ball of sweat with a few pulled muscles and some dented pride.
Falling off chairs? Serves you right for sitting on chairs at a picnic!

All in all though it was a success, divorced parents behaved themselves, my sister's boyfriend bravely met most of us for the first time (and lived to tell the tale) and the Birthday Girl was thoroughly spoilt - as it should be. Nobody got sunburned, bitten or obtained any broken bones as a result of overly-lively Frisbee-ing. So what more could you ask for really?
So here's to the Birthday Girl and wishing her all the best for the years ahead - in some ways it was a poignant day; she's the youngest and so this felt like out last landmark of 'childhood'. We're all growed up now! Next milestone really is my 30th in 7 years - what will that see happening? Will we all still get together for a picnic? Will we all still be able to? Will there be a new generation in attendance? It probably sounds over-dramatic, I know, but sometimes there are days like this in life when everyone you love is there, and everyone is smiling and you wish you could just kind of freeze it, you know? We have no idea what tomorrow holds, let alone years from now and so, even though my hair attracted nesting birds by the end of the day, even though we've caused some local duck obesity issues by feeding them about two loaves of bread and even though, of course, there were squabbles, I'm so glad we all took the time to come together and make some memories to carry us through whatever life holds.

 And to take away from that bizarrely over-sappy ending, let's end things instead with a photo of a squirrel. Aaaaw, he's got ears.... aaaaawwww.


  1. Hope you and your sister had a lovely time :)


    1. Thank you we did, we all did - it's hard to believe that was only last week, seeing as how it's now pouring with rain and freezing outside! Thanks for reading :)



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