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Thursday, 24 July 2014

(Another) Glasgow Shopping Haul

So I've done about three hauls in three months from shopping in Glasgow (my nearest big city), and remember in the first two, I made the excuse for all my spending that "I hardly ever go to Glasgow", well I feel that excuse is potentially starting to wear kinda thin. Oh well. It was flimsy anyway, let's just go with "they were things I really needed, honestly." Truthfully I was up in Glasgow for a meeting again, with my travel expenses paid and a meeting that doesn't start until 2:30pm - what else would you really expect to happen?!

First place I headed was Primark - visiting the big ones in Glasgow is always sort of a treat and a scarring life event at the same time. The things you see *shudder*. Anyway, today the store was like a furnace, which, while it was unpleasant at the time, was, in retrospect maybe a blessing in disguise as it stopped me from buying even more tat I don't need. As is I only picked up four things (only, lol). Firstly I bought a little bun hair tie thingamy with pink roses all round it - these are fantastic inventions and spice up a top knot for those "I should have washed my hair last night but got distracted watching Channing Tatum vidoes on YouTube" kinda days. I also bought a Minnie Mouse makeup bag which was in fact a justified purchase as I had killed my previous Primark bag days earlier.. this one followed suit a mere four days later. Maybe I should stop buying makeup bags from Primark?!  ... Or maybe I should stop overfilling my makeup bags. Thirdly I bought the t-shirt peeking out on the right - even though it's super see through I fell in love with the print on it and have worn it so much since - think I may have an OOTD post featuring it coming up. And lastly I bought a canvas tote bag with watermelon on that says 'bite me'. This was actually picked up at the very end of the day's shopping as I stood outside my meeting and realised I'd look a bit inappropriate walking in with carrier bag laden arms *cue mad dash to Primark*.

 I then headed to LUSH as I hadn't been in to the new Buchanan Street store yet and I needed to stock up on a few staple items. The store is beautiful; I feel like it lacks a lot of the character of the old store but in terms of handling crowds and being easier to browse, this one is definitely a winner. I picked up a couple of the bath treats I like to keep on standby for those "if one more customer speaks to me like that they're going to end wearing their latte" kind of days - I grabbed Butterball and Ickle Baby Bot. Relaxing, simple pleasures. I also picked up the Yuzu Bubbleroon to try as heck, I love trying new bath products and after smelling this, wondered why it had taken me so long to try it? I also repurchased my beloved Jungle conditioner bar and Rose Steamer Tab - these are favourites of mine and I make sure to pick them up whenever I get the chance. I then got chatting to some of the lovely staff and was given a very substantial sample of the Blousey Shampoo (good for wild curly hair like mine) and I also tried out one of the newly launched soaps, Magnificent, at their recommendation - it smells like a mango smoothie *swoon*.  

 Next stop was Paperchase, which, like LUSH, we don't have in my hometown so I always pop in when I'm in Glasgow. The sale was on. That is a very dangerous time for me to set foot in a stationary store let me tell ya! But actually I was very good (miraculously). I picked up two notebooks, one is an A4 sized lined, jotter style notebook with a geometric, graphic style printed cover (reduced to £3). I love big notebooks for writing and doodling in - I find it so much easier to think on big paper. I also picked up a cute A5(ish) sized lined notebook (again, reduced to £3), this one (brilliantly) has a plastic cover on (you know, like school textbooks used to?) which means it will survive floating around my handbag with all the inevitable burst pens and leaking bottles of sparkling water. And up next, the winner of the 'random purchase' award for the day; a lunchbox. *crickets*. I know, but seriously, it was half price, down to £3.75 and look how cute it is! There's little plastic matching cutlery inside too! I haven't used it yet but I'm sure I will use it loads... probably... maybe...

From there I headed to Boots for no other reason than that the spending floodgates had now been opened so sod any remaining semblance of restraint. It was 3 for 2 on L'Oreal Paris and British Beauty Blogger had given the thumbs up to their eyeshadow primer so I picked that up as well as a couple of the eyeshadow quads as the colour combos are gorgeous. I chose Marron Glace which features cool, grey toned browns, and Infiniment Bronze which contains very warm copper toned browns - have yet to try these out properly, but expect a full post when I have. I also noticed Revlon were running a jolly good offer with 2 for £10 on various ranges - pretty good since both the items I chose were in the £6-£7 range. I picked up a Lip Butter (yes, another one) in Lollipop - a very bold fuschia colour which is of course made infinitely more wearable by the Lip Butters' sheer formula. I also chose a Super Lustrous Lipstick in the colour Skyline Pink - a very pale, pearly, almost white, pink. 

Last stop on the spending spree was The Body Shop - our local one closed down a few months back so again, it's somewhere I like to visit whenever I can. Unfortunately on this occasion the 40% offer they were running online was not being matched in store,so I pretty much resigned myself to placing an online order instead. They did however have a small sale section so I figured I may as well have a wee browse of that since I was there anyway. I'm so glad I did as I was able to smell the Blueberry products for the first time (wow, they smell awesome) and I nabbed the Body Scrub even though I'm almost 100% sure it's actually jam. I'm a big fan of the body mists from The Body Shop; I prefer to wear them as opposed to perfume which I find gives me headaches a lot of the time. The Body Mists are lighter but still have a strong enough smell that it lasts for hours. They had one in the sale I don't remember smelling before it's the English Dawn White Gardenia. I really like the smell, it's floral but not sickly at all - a very fresh Summer smell, so in the bag it went.

And that, dear readers, is the end of another day shopping in Glasgow - and oh, what a day it was. Sorry for the incredibly long post, ten points if you made it this far! Thanks for reading!


  1. Great haul, love the stationary xxx

    1. Thanks! I do loooooovveee me some stationary... even though I don't really have an excuse to buy it these days! xx


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