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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bold Summer Pinks - My Drugstore Nail Picks

For all I more often than non enjoy a good 'non standard' nail colour on, I always come back to pink nails - I love a good Barbie pink nail. They're glam. they're girly, they're so classic and yet at the same time, they can be so funky. Bold pinks are a great way to add a blast of Summer to a look, or heck, even just to add some colour if you're not that confident with wearing colourfuI outfits. I own, oh, err... a few, I suppose.. *cough* but these five would be my favourite drugstore picks.

Left to right in both photos:

Number One Models Own, Sophie's Pink  £5.00 // This is a very classic, shimmer free, glitter free, nonsense free hot pink. It's a great pink to wear if you're planning to have your nails done for a few days and need it to not clash horrifically with varying outfits.

Number Two Bourjois Paris, Fuschia Hype, £5.99 // This is a very red/pink - to me, I think of it as like a watermelon red. it's a great all year round red - the ruby tones work well with autumn and winter berry lips, but the pink running through it keeps it fresh for Summer.
Number Three Revlon, Sweet Tart, £6.49 // This polish is scented so it adds that other dimension on sweetness to an already sugary pink nail colour. This is the palest of the lot - despite my camera choosing to make it look almost exactly like Sophie's Pink (it doesn't, it's a fair bit paler). This is a great girly colour for wearing with Summery pastel outfits.

Number Four Rimmel London 60 Seconds, Shocker £3.69 // With the mega affordable price tag, huge range of colours and best nail varnish brush ever (well, it's up there anyway), it's fair to say I own a few polishes from this line. This guys, is my favourite by far though; I legitimately feel like a Barbie when I wear this and I know that might not sound like a good thing, but trust me, it is. It's a shimmery hot pink colour that just embodies everything I thought was glamorous and beautiful as an eight year old.

Number Five Revlon Parfumeire, Ginger Melon £6.49 //  Another scented polish that has something very different to offer -  as well as being a more 'grown up' sophisticated scent - ginger and melons... clearly - this polish is a more complex pink. While still a very bold colour by anyone's estimations, it has coral tones running through it that make it a far more wearable, everyday shade - it's my bold pink choice for people who don't like bold pinks.

And so there we have it a round up of my favourite drug store bold pink nails - as a complete nail polish addict I am always on the hunt for more so please, feel free to share your favourites in the comments below  and enable to me add senselessly to my already oversized stash!

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