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Monday, 14 July 2014

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara

It's taken me a long time to make up my mind about this mascara long enough to write a review on it. I've been using it almost every day for over a month and I'm still not 100% sure how I feel about it; and then I realise I'm thinking a bit too in depth about mascara, and I worry about where my life is going. 

I'm using the waterproof version. I don't generally like to do that, I find they're usually just not quite as good. But, I need to wear waterproof for my work (I'm a barista; lots of steam...) so that's why I bought this one. 

Packaging wise, I think this is one seriously chic looking mascara, and yes, that's partly what drew me in to it - although I have lover Bourjois mascaras in the past too and hoped this would be another I'd love. The brush is silicone/plastic and it's a wiggly one - it bends anywhich way you need it too with surprisingly little force required. This is (as far as I can recall anyway.. which perhaps isn't saying much) my first experience with a bendy brush and I have to say, I rather like it. It doesn't bend annoyingly like wrestling a fish out of water, but it just makes reaching all your lashes a bit easier; and it also aids wiggling the brush at the roots of your lashes that much easier. It's a fairly standard shape brush head, but in addition to the usual 'spikes' there are also little balls dotted around - I'm sure there's some highly scientific reason for this, but I have no idea, anyone?

Application wise, I don't find the brush holds too much product, so from that point of view it makes it faster and easier to apply. While "1 seconde" is clearly pushing it, it is a pretty fast mascara to use, but it doesn't layer terribly well so basically, whatever you get in that one super fast application is what you're stuck with. Not really a problem for daytime looks, but not going to give show-stopping, statement lashes either.

My problems with this mascara come in the 'wear' section of the review here. I don't feel it holds a curl in my lashes at all. It does make them look longer, but after maybe a half hour or so they just kind of flop down and I don't get that "I'm awake, honestly" open-eye look I crave in a mascara. 

I also find it clumps and flakes as the day goes on, sometimes the flakes fall in my eyes or on my cheeks and drive me mad, and sometimes they just sit in my lashes and, you know, drive me mad. I just don't feel this is an 'all day' mascara at all. Also, and this is the plus side of taking six weeks to make up my mind about it, I feel the mascara is already beginning to dry out and clump in the tube. At the moment, it's still totally wearable - but I am definitely noticing the deterioration. Generally, I use a mascara for three months or so before tossing it either because it's drying out or for hygiene reasons - but I will honestly be shocked if this one makes it to the three month mark at all.

Overall, while I wanted to love this mascara, I think I'm a little disappointed. The brush and application work well for me, but the formula just doesn't seem to agree with my lashes at all. Mascara is one of those very personal things; what some love, others hate, so while I enjoy reading reviews of them, I generally wouldn't let them put me off trying something, though I have to say I think (from what I've read elsewhere) my complaints on this mascara seem to be felt pretty widely - which is a shame, I've been a big fan of Bourjois mascaras a lot in the past. 


  1. I've never tried a bendy wand, but WOAH that wand is reaaally something. I've never tried Bourjois mascaras before, but this one doesn't sound very impressive, since I really hate it when mascara flakes everywhere on my face and sometimes when you try to brush it away, it leaves a black mark on your skin!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Yeah the flaking thing is driving me mad - we're having a heatwave here at the moment and the heat has only made the situation worse! Desperate to switch to a new mascara, but trying not to be wasteful! :( As I said, I've liked Bourjois mascaras in the past, but this one I will not be repurchasing!! Thanks for reading :)


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