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Friday, 25 July 2014


It's no secret that I'm a big ol' Lush fan - anyone who has ever read anything before on this site could probably tell you that since I mention them in basically every post. Anyway, I've reviewed a lot of bath products over the months and I've used far more besides (trust me), but I thought it would be nice to pull together my favourite five bath time treats to share with you all in one post:

Butterball Bath Bomb //
This bomb isn't a whole lot to look at and in fact, even in the bath, it doesn't put on a huge show. This isn't bells and whistles and fireworks and monkeys - the bomb works with a far quieter, deeper magic. The little bomb is studded with (and seriously, there's plenty) cocoa butter which, when exposed to your hot bath water, melts away and leaves you lying in the most moisturising, nourishing bath ever. I have dry skin and, on my legs especially, it can become so dry it hurts - this bath bomb is like instant relief from all that. I should keep one in a little "in emergency, break glass" box. 

Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb //
This adorable little fella was designed for babies and children to use in the bath - since so many of the harsh bubble baths out there can be harmful for them. It's scented like lavender which makes it soothing and ideal for pre-bedtime use. I like it for a couple of reasons; firstly, the super gentle thing appeals to me, as we've already covered, I have sensitive, angry, dry skin. Secondly, I like using bath bombs often, but that can add up. This little guy costs £1.95 meaning I never feel guilty picking a few up each time I'm in store.

Space Girl Bath Bomb //
As you can probably tell by the products listed so far; glitter, colours and general special effects are not top of my priorities list when I look for a bath time treat. However, c'mon, who doesn't want to try something funky, or just enjoy something extravagant at the end of a long week? Who doesn't lie in a brilliant smelling tub of popping candy and just smile to themselves? This bath bomb is scented like grapefruit and bergamot - it's an upbeat, fruity smell that isn't sickly at all; just my kind of thing in other words.

Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt //
Another product I should keep stashed away for bad day at work related emergencies. This is just, wow. This, to me smells primarily like lavender, which of course makes it relaxing and great for night time (hence the name, I would assume) but, this melt also contains ginger oil which warms and soothes tired or sore muscles - this is the ultimate tool to create a relaxing bath after a long day at work on your feet.

Karma Bubble Bar //
I recently used and reviewed the Brightside Bubble Bar from LUSH - and well, I'm ashamed to say it, but I may have been so deliriously in love with that one that I became hysterical and made claims along the lines of "I prefer it to the Karma bar" - I claim temporary insanity. Not that I don't love Brightside, I do (I mean, I really freaking do) but come on Karma - that's got to be the most iconic LUSH scent ever!? right? Well, it's mine anyway. It reminds me of shopping in Glasgow when I was a kid; going for fancy lunch and being generally spoiled by our parents, getting Millie's Cookies for breakfast and  clutching my shopping bags on the train home while trying to fight sleep. That's what Karma smells like to me. For normal people, Karma smells like orange and patchouli.  

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