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Friday, 18 July 2014

#FridayFaves: Revlon Products

Revlon is a brand I hadn't really tried much from six months or so ago, but pretty much every time I've picked something up, I've loved it... so I pick something else up... and as you can see, I'm kind of amassing quite a collection of Revlon products. I think in my teens I was just never very drawn to Revlon; it always seemed a little more grown up and serious than the likes of Rimmel. And truthfully, I think Revlon is still pretty understated but whereas before that was a turn off, now that I'm a growed up (lol) I like the simplicity of it. I like the lack of gimmick and the presence of quality instead. So I've tried to pick not just products I think are great, but products that I feel are a bit unique to Revlon - at least in terms of drugstore offerings.

#1 Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters
These are unlike anything I've tried from... well from anywhere else. Normally I kind of roll my eyes a little internally when I hear of a product that's both moisturising and still provides a hit of colour - generally, in my experience anyway, they usually fall flat on one front or the other. These do not. The colour from these is sheer, yes, but it's supposed to be. It's not patchy or weak or badly formulated; it's the most beautiful glossy, even colouring I've used. AND, they are good for my lips. Literally the other day, I was wondering why my lips felt so dry and sore - I'm still putting on lip balm at night and in the morning, so what gives? And then I realised - I was using other lipsticks each day; I genuinely believe the lip butters were what was keeping my lips in good condition! I own a fair few from the range, but my absolute favourite has to be Creme Brulee - a very pale nude that gives a great grungy 90's look.

#2 PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator
How can you not love a product whose title is two mashed together, made up words? This, I really like as a kind of primer. I have issues with dull skin - more than breakouts, my skin just looks really lackluster. This really takes care of that problem; it illuminates my skin but without looking like I'm wearing pearlescant paint or I've dipped my head in a tub of highlighter - which as far as I'm aware is a pretty unique offering! This looks really natural and really magical at the same time.

#3 PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
Another base face product here - and this one I love even more. I can't speak to the uniqueness of this one as I'll admit I haven't tried many of the other similar products in the drugstore; I love this one so much I have no need to try any others! This is really smoothing to the skin; blemishes, wrinkles, pores - all are magically blurred over, but at the same time this is really light. Once my foundation is on over the top, I have no feeling that I'm wearing a primer underneath - which is great especially at this time of year when it's hot; last thing anyone wants is skin that feels stuffy and buried under products.

#4 Parfumerie Nail Polishes
While I think that to some extent the scent aspect may still be slightly gimmicky - there's no doubt in my mind that Revlon have taken it to places it hasn't really gone before in the drugstore. The scents are largely very unique and well placed with the colours; there's far more on offer than fruity, soapy scents. But really, even if we took that aspect out altogether, these polishes win for me on formula and packaging. Probably my favourite nail varnish bottles of all time - so classy and special looking; I've given a couple of these as parts of gifts and they look just so much more expensive and high end than they are! Formula wise these are really great too - easy to apply and good wear time. I'm not crazy about the colour range over all (though I love the ones I have), but it seems they could easily do seasonal or limited edition additional ranges.

#5 Revlon Colourstay ShadowLinks
Some more glued together words - what a bizarre habit. Anyway, while I couldn't sit here and argue that these are my favourite shadows of all time, even in terms of High Street offerings, I really like the mix 'n' match aspect of these. You buy these individually for around £2.99 each and then they slide together (very sturdily) and can be built up to make your own trio/quad/palette. For me, I bought a highlight, a dark crease colour and a few different brighter colours (I have a purple, a green.. and something else I've misplaced) and the idea is I switch out the bright colour from time to time - it's a way of encouraging me to wear different eyeshadow colours without having to buy full palettes or carry a whole bunch of loose colours in my makeup bag. 


  1. Really want to try that primer I have heard amazing things about it! I own a few lip butters and the colourstay foundation and concealer but other than that I haven't actually tried that much from revlon either, can't wait to start:)


    1. I love that primer! I'm wearing it today actually :) I don't even use it all over my face, just over my nose area and chin where I'm more prone to skin.. issues, and it makes my foundation sit to much better on there! I've never tried the foundation, I've heard a lot about it, but always thought it was better for oily skin? (Though I could be just making that up in my head and going slightly mad..) xx


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