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Friday, 11 July 2014

#FRIDAYFAVES: Statement Necklaces

Welcome to another #FridayFaves post! Today I wanted to show you my five favourite statement necklaces; the ones I wear so much, and I feel really liven up my outfits! So, let's begin (working left to right...):

This was from Accesorize, I bought it in the sale over winter - which is pretty much when I buy all my Accessorize jewellery; I like the stuff, but I do think it's a little overpriced! Anyway, this is a braid style necklace, and what I like about it is that it;s really short. It hangs at a really flattering length - almost slightly choker-ish, but in a subtle way - and I feel like I can wear this with so much due to the length and the wearable colours.

This was from H&M, I bought it in the sale for £4. At the time I was really into the idea of starting to wear neon, but at the same time, fairly certain I never actually would! I'm wearing this increasing often now that Summer's here - again, I quite like the shorter length of it. I wear it mostly with black tops and I really like the edgier look it gives the whole thing. I strongly recommend picking up something similar if you're interested in venturing into the world of neon.

This was a Primark purchase that I'm fairly certain I hauled at the time I bought it. I love this so much I'm seriously debating buying another one for when this one inevitably falls apart - not that I could complain when it does since it cost a whopping £4. Given how huge and over the top this is, I'm surprised at how much wear I've gotten from it, but honestly I just love the instant Summer feel it gives an otherwise ordinary outfit - like a white tee and pale jeans. 

This is my most worn of all my necklaces. Again, this was a complete bargain - it cost £3 in a New Look sale. Woohoo. This is the necklace I keep in my overnight bag because honestly, it goes with basically everything I wear. It makes every outfit look more 'together' and 'planned' even if really it's a crumpled tee and ripped jeans. If anything ever happened to this one (which, let's face it, given my clumsiness it will sooner rather than later) I would immediately begin scouring online for a replacement.

The biggest bargain of them all - this one cost £1 from New Look. I was so excited when I saw it and truthfully would have bought it for 5x the price or more! I love that this has a very feminine almost Victorian look to it. I love wearing it with blouses buttoned right up or black dresses; gah, it's just so brilliant! 

So those are my favourite statement necklaces. You may have noticed that none of these cost more than £5. I only got into wearing bigger, bolder necklaces relatively recently and so I didn't want to splurge much on them, and to be honest, even though I now know I love them I'm glad I had that approach. I picked up quite a few and while there have been many I love, I've also learned what styles really don't suit me or what styles I really won't reach for - so now that I know what I do want, I can branch out into more expensive varieties in the future - Zara, I'm coming to you!!


  1. I love the look of statement jewellery, but I really need a few necklaces to go with plain tops. I absolutely love the triangular one from New Look!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Yeah the triangle one is so great - I wear it with plain white tee's all the time and it really makes it look more together, like an 'outfit' rather than having just thrown on jeans and a tshirt! :)
      Thanks for reading!


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