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Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites

Struggling to believe it's July favourites time - this month has been a blur of barbecues, sunshine and fake tan mishaps - not that I'm complaining mind, but still, struggling to catch up with myself and sit down to think about what products I've loved this month.

Everyone will be sick of hearing me mention this already, but I will again anyway as it's the truth, dull as it may be. In terms of scent, all month I've basically been wearing the English Dawn White Gardenia Fragrance Mist from The Body Shop. Cannot get enough of this; fragrant, clean, Summery and just the right strength to not be headache inducing - if you haven't sniffed it, I recommend you try it out next time you're in store!

After accidently giving myself a new shorter 'do, I've been investing a little bit of time in giving my hair some TLC and two of the products I've been loving for this are, long time favourite, Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Hair Mask - a mask I use weekly to give my hair a good deep condition, I find it's great for doing that without leaving a residue or weighing things down, and secondly, I've been trying out the Dr. Organic Argan Oil Hair Serum - which, for starters you only need a little of; as in, I use one pump on my big thick hair - so tread carefully peeps! It really smooths my hair out and just makes it seem fresher somehow. I'm going to be honest and say I think it does build up in my hair a little over time, but realistically, in this heat it's hard to know if it's product or just you know... sweat. (Lovely).

Thanks to the heatwave it has been a very minimal makeup month for me - I can't even imagine wearing foundation in this heat, I tip my hat to those of you that manage it! I have however switched up my lipstick this month and am using something other than a Revlon Lip Butter, yes, I agree, the Apocalypse must be coming. I've switched over to Bourjois and have been wearing Beige Demochrachic from their Shine Edition Lipsticks all month. It's a pinky nude and is very much a 'your lips but better' look on me but the shine finish gives it something a little extra. This month's nail favourite also comes from Bourjois and it is the colour Peace and Mauve - I did a NOTD post a couple of days ago featuring this so I'll link it, here, rather than repeat myself too much, but basically, it's a super pale violet shade that for me, is the perfect pastel for me and my Casper-esque skin. It doesn't wash me out or make me look half dead, it actually makes me look healthy in comparison - shocker!

I have a couple of skin care favourites, the first is the facial moisturiser from LUSH I've been using and it's Celestial. It's a great Summer cream for me, as it's still very moisturising - a total must in my eyes - but it feels so much lighter than Skin Drink - my winter moisturiser of choice. Celestial feels almost air-whipped, or a bit like Steam Cream if you've ever tried that - it also smells amazing, it's scented with vanilla, almonds and other yummies and all put together, to me it smells totally like white chocolate! My second skin care favourite I was a little hesitant to include as I've actually only been using it for about 10 days, but I just love it so much!! It is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, and for some reason, having seen lots of American YouTubers mention this, I thought we couldn't really get it in the UK? I don't know if it is just a recent thing us being able to get it, or if I was just confused, but either way I'm super happy we can get it as it's super gentle and friendly towards even the most sensitive of skin - AKA, mine. I cannot stress enough how gentle this is on my skin; it doesn't leave it feeling raw or tight at all, which is basically unheard of. As I said, I have only been using it about 10 days, but so far, no break outs, no dryness, no icky, blocked skin, really so far, so good - I'll probably do a more detailed review post once I've been using it a little longer!

And this month's random favourite goes to Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream, it was half price in ASDA for much of this month and I bought it all... yup, I bought all the Phish Food in my local ASDA. And ate it. For anyone who hasn't tried it (meaning, for anyone who hasn't lived yet!) It's chocolate ice-cream, with gooey marshmallow, caramel and chocolate/fudge fish in it. It is the best ice cream on the planet of all time.

And so that's it for my July favourites - I hope you've enjoyed hearing about them, Monthly Favourites are some of my favourite posts to read on blogs, so I like doing my own each month too. Please feel free to share in the comments what your July favourites have been!

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