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Sunday, 13 July 2014

LUSH Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

I delved into the world of fresh face masks, or indeed, any face masks really, only recently. I tried out The Sacred Truth from Lush and fell in love (see rambly, worshipping post here). This surprised me for a number of reasons:

1) I always kind of suspected face masks were a bit of a gimmick; something fun to do on a girly night, but not really worth it in terms of skin care.

2) I thought Sacred Truth would maybe be too harsh for my super intolerant skin. I had always suspected Oatifix would be the one for me.

3) Frankly, I thought I'd be too lazy to ever use the thing. 

I was wrong on all counts. Face masks are magic, or The Sacred Truth is. It left my skin feeling so unbelievably soft and cared for - honestly - I wondered how I had ever gone without it. It made my skin look and feel so good that even my Lush-skeptical mother asked to try out the mask! Also, it was not in anyway too harsh for my skin; it was like liquid, cooling, healing magic cream - and this is why I always trust the staff in Lush stores. They know my skin so much better than I do. And lastly, the one that surprised me the most; not only did I bother to apply it - I actually looked forward to it. If I was feeling tired at the end of the shift as soon as I was in the door, boom, hair in a pineapple, Sacred Truth on my face. It's so incredibly soothing, especially since you're using it straight from the cold fridge.

So, it was with fairly high expectations that I then picked up Oatifix. Sadly, this one does not live up to my beloved Sacred Truth. This mask is made with bananas, oats and almonds and is supposed to be super moisturising and also very gently exfoliating - however, I don't think it left my skin feeling terribly soft or fresh looking afterwards. I mean, yes, I could tell I'd had a mask on and no, it didn't irritate my skin, but I didn't walk around stroking my face like a weirdo (and asking people to do the same) like I normally would with The Sacred Truth.
I  also didn't enjoy the experience of using this one much. Whereas I found Sacred Truth applied best straight from the fridge, Oatifix on the other hand - which is much more "lumpy" - I found didn't really work straight from the fridge. I felt like it would just kind of roll over the skin rather than stick to it - so I had to leave it to warm up a little before using it; which in turn meant it wasn't lovely and soothing. 

Also, as it warms on your face it kind of melts a little (anyone else picturing Olaf here?) and you'll just be sitting and little chunks of oats and almonds just land on your lap, on the cat, on your laptop - not very practical. And lastly, the thing that I didn't like most as removing it. Sacred Truth I wash off with a warm cloth and it's a relaxing experience, and exciting to see all the soft skin underneath. Oatifix, I tried to do the same with, but it was blocking the sink and just generally being a nightmare to remove because it's so solid.

I feel like I could compromise on one area or the other - i.e if the mask was super good for my skin but a pain to use, it would be fine, or, if it wasn't that great for my skin but it smelled great and relaxed me, that would also be fine. But alas, for me, Oatifix just isn't worth either the cost or the effort. I wouldn't say to anyone not to try it; but I would say (given I've learned this lesson the hard way!) always listen to the Lush staff and what they recommend for your skin. I have always found them to be very wise and very good at giving me samples or in store trials (especially if I explain I'm allergic to a lot of stuff) - so yeah, I don't know why I keep thinking I know better, it's Sacred Truth all the way for me now!

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