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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Models Own Eye Pencil in Peacock Green

I've been enjoying this pencil rather a lot lately and so I felt it deserved it's own little post. It's the first non-nail polish product I've tried from Models Own and have of course fallen in love with it just in time to see the entire counter removed from my local Boots.. typical.

So this is a soft, smudgeable eye pencil in a kind of mid, very wearable green that I just love for Summer - it's very easy to see you're wearing it, but also very easy to work into an existing routine if you're a bit of an non-neutral scaredy cat like me (and if you are, here's a post I did filled with some helpful tips for you).

The pencil, rather geniously comes with not just a smudger on one end, but also, as part of the pencil lid - a sharpener. What a fantastic idea! How handy is that!? So that won it some big points with me before I'd even tried it.


Application wise it's amazing,, very soft - no eyelid tugging or bumpy lines, and I find I can wear it on the water line, below my lashes, and on my lid without any issues. I'm going to be honest and say it doesn't wear as long as the likes of Urban Decay, but it's still pretty good and for £10 less, you can't complain can you? 

Also on my face:

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