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Saturday, 26 July 2014

NOTD: Bourjois Peace and Mauve

This is a recent addition to my collection - yes, that's right, the same collection I vowed to stop adding to, uh huh, that's the one - but I saw it in Boots and I just had to have it. I have no idea how I've never noticed it before - is it a new one? 

I apologise for the photos and poor paint job - I made a spectacularly awful job of painting on my top coat, so then figured I'd take the shots from a distance.. and well, you can see the results. But no matter how big a mess I've made, it's still clear to see it's a fantastic colour.

I think it has taken the spot of "favourite pastel polish ever" for me. It's so pale I'm not sure whether to class it as a pastel shade or an off-white - I think largely it depends on the lighting. It's the same colour as Param Violets only paler - if that description helps anyone out there.

This looks awesome on my paler than pale skin tone too. We all know white or pale shades will make a tan pop, but, when you're as pale as me, warm toned pastels can actually look quite draining I find. This works well because of the blue undertones, it makes my skin look more yellow/warm/alive by comparison.


  1. Hi kitty!

    This is a lush colour isn't it?? Love it! Bourjois have some lovely colours at the moment don't they? Bit pricey, but are they worth it?

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey

    1. Oh yeah, Bourjois have some seriously original (and gorgeous) colours if you ask me. I know what you mean about the price, they're like double the cost of a Barry M - but I do think they're worth it and plus, they're on 3 for 2 a lot in Boots! xx

  2. ooooo 3 for 2 - it'd be rude not to wouldn't it?!

    Yeah a little more pricey, but I think I will treat myself and see what they're like! Thanks Kitty!

    Love Shani xo


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