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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Oops, I've had a haircut!

I haven't been to the hairdressers since January 2007. There's a number of reasons for that really:

1) for five years in the time that's passed I was a student and hair cuts (especially with somewhat complex curls like mine) can be pricey! I found that I really had to pick a hairdresser who understood and had worked with curls like mine before as otherwise they would try and cut my hair like normal straight or wavy hair and that does not work. The downside of more experienced hairdressers is of course, that they're more expensive - not great on a student budget.

2) I wanted to grow my hair out. I wanted long, flowing Rapunzel/fairy curls that lay all down my back and I could you know... weave flowers into, or something. I wanted to look like a mermaid basically - one of my more mature aspirations in life. 

3) I have had many, many frustrating experiences with hairdressers. Now I know there are many, many good hairdressers out there - but I also know I've struggled to find one that works for me. Often they see my slightly special hair and go into a kind of trance - everything I say or ask for is ignored because they know what will suit me best. I hate this attitude. Can you imagine going to a restaurant and ordering the chicken, but instead, when the food comes out you get the beef because the chef knows what you'll like best - no, it wouldn't happen would it? 
I accept that hairdressers possibly do know what to do to my hair to make it more flattering, but it's my hair - not theirs. One of my major stipulations was always that no layers be cut so short that they can't be tied back because I had to tie my hair back for work and using 5,000 hair grips to secure it was a nightmare - that, to me, seems a reasonable request. You have no idea how many times I left with layers too short to be tied back. It happens for a couple of reasons; either they pull the hair to cut it and of course, it pings back or, they know shorter layers would suit me better. *screams violently into pillow*.... and breathe.
If I ask for advice or suggestions from a hairdresser then absolutely they can talk me through what they think. If I tell them what I want, and they know it's either impossible or will look ridiculous then by all means they can tell me that - my issue is when they appear to listen to me ("Not too short I can't tie it back, nice gentle messiness - I don't like it too blocky - and I'm trying to grow it, so can we not take more off the length than we have to please?") agree with me, tell me the plan, and then without asking or telling me, SNIP, there goes that plan and half my hair.

The other issue is curly hair, especially as tightly curled as mine, takes a long, long time to grow (or, well, to look like it's growing because it curls so tight... if that makes sense) so I'm majorly wary of having a style cut in I don't like or is hard to manage because it will be like that for a loooooonnnng time.

So between January 2007 and now, I have trimmed dead ends off my hair as need be and other than that - left my hair to it entirely. It's a funny thing hair, isn't it. Obviously you see it every day so you're not always that aware of it growing, or changing because it happens so gradually. Last Summer, I became 'aware' of my hair for the first time in years - and not in a good way. It was getting longer - sure - but it had reached a really annoying, awkward length that wasn't terribly flattering or manageable - but ride it out, I thought, persevere and soon we'll look like a fairy

That was almost a year ago and my hair was still driving me mad. It was thick, it was too long to top-knot, but too short to plait down my back like Rapunzel - it was frizzy and heavy and just generally exasperating. I told myself to make a hair appointment but I put it off again and again - don't want to waste a sunny day off in the hairdressers etc. etc. Then one morning last week after washing my hair, I sat down to do the trimming of the ends, and something kind of snapped.

I just got so sick of it all and so, snip... snip... snip...

I cut about four inches off my hair. And once it was shorter, I could tell it wouldn't sit well, so I cut in some layers - nice and rough and messy, just like I like them. I shaped it all around my face and suddenly, I had a hairstyle again - rather than big heavy ringlets that just kind of hung limply around my face.

I'm not for a second implying I've done anything near a professional job, but I'm happy with it and I guess that's really all that matters. It feels like such a relief lifting all that weight off my head and heck, I'll save a fortune on shampoo! 

Because this was entirely spontaneous (read: reckless) I didn't take any 'before' pictures as such, but I'll insert a couple from #FOTD posts I've done recently to give you an idea, and then below, a more recent shot with my new super short do!


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