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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Scents of Summer

Sometimes, I read other blogs and I marvel at how much people change up their makeup and routines seasonally. Kudos to them, truly. I admit I am lazy; I wear berry lips in Summer and with my skin, I'm using intensive moisturisers all year round, never mind just the harsh winter months. But one thing that I do love switching up for Summer is scents; perfume, body products and home fragrance - I love choosing out smells that will forever remind me of all the memories I made in the Summer.

 So this is certainly not a 2014 pick, oh no, my Summer perfume has always been, and quite possibly will always be - Anna Sui Secret Wish. (S'cuse the fact I've lost the lid please). This was the first 'proper' perfume I bought when I was 13 - steered by my mother encouraging me to make more of an investment than 27 more eyeliners. I wore it all through that Summer and every time I smell it now it takes me back to being 13 and you know, when nobody in the world could understand all my angst and how in love I was. *wink*
Anyway, a decade later (WOW, I am getting old), there's still nothing that tops this smell for me; light, very fresh and crisp - a bit fruity, but none of that sickly sherbet type smell.

Body Mist
 Despite my above 'ode to Secret Wish' I don't actually wear it on a daily basis - I can't wear any perfume too much. It's a big trigger for my anxiety when I have a scent 'all up in my face' and I feel like I'm kind of trapped in it. You guys know what I mean right? *crickets*. Sometimes I might spritz myself with perfume in the A.M. and feel dandy, but by noon I'm feeling anxious and suffocated and headachey - so I tend to reserve perfume for fun, chilled days where I know I won't end up feeling that way.
 Instead, I love the Body Mists from The Body Shop - they still pack a real punch in terms of scent; I would say the difference is in that they don't last as long on the skin and need touched up - which suits me to a tee. My favourite this Summer is the English Dawn White Gardenia scent, which is a classically floral smell with warmer fruity undertones. Great for Summer, but again, not too sweet.

Body Lotions
Because I'm not often wearing strong, all day perfume, I like to choose body lotions that have lasting scents on my skin. Of course, I love the body butters from, again, The Body Shop - I enjoy the fruity ones for Summer and this year am particularly enjoying Vineyard Peach and Papaya - but honestly, there are so many available, there's a scent to suit everyone I'm sure.
I have also been enjoying using a new massage bar from LUSH as a mosituriser; Strawberry Feels Forever. It's shaped like a strawberry and it smells like strawberries and cream - does it get more Summery than that?! It also provides a great level of moisture and helps keep Summer legs nice and soft.

  Home Fragrance
I'm kind of not into candles; they're so expensive and I can never decide on what smell I'll love long enough that I won't get sick of it half way through and waste a bunch of the candle. I guess I have candle commitment issues; or maybe I just haven't found 'the one'. Instead, what I really love using are the Yankee Candle Wax Melts.These cost around £1.50 each and you simply break a bit off (I usually use about a quarter at a time) and place it in the top of an oil burner - the wax melts down and voila, beautiful scent, without the commitment of a candle. Yankee have so many scents available it's hard to choose favourites - but recently I've been burning Fresh Cut Roses through the day - this, with the window open and Summer air blowing in aaaaaaahhhhhh, and Evening Air in the evenings for a more chilled but still Summery vibe.

What are your favourite Summer scents?

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