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Monday, 28 July 2014

Stars and Stripes: My July Glossy Box

I ventured over to try out Glossybox this month - and yup, I think I chose the right month to do it! This box (for me) is a right goodun! First off, ten points for uber cute packaging Glossybox - perfectly in keeping with the USA theme, but still pretty to look at and still identifiable as a Glossybox - love it. *cough* Birchbox could learn a thing or two *cough cough*

So yup, this month there's a USA theme going on - I'm supposing, in honour of July 4th, whatever the reason I don't really care, it's an awesome box regardless!
For me there was only one kinda dud, so let's just get this out of the way first, it's the Original Carmex. I know a lot of people love it, and it is handy I guess, but I won't use it as I hate lip balms I have to stick my finger in (yuk, germs) and I have also gone right off the 'taste' of Carmex that always ends up in your mouth!

Other than that though, I am loving it all. I received a little bar of Dr. Bronner Hemp Lavender Soap. I love lavender, I love soap, so how could I not be happy with this? It has a very strong scent ( a definite plus for me) and super cute, retro packaging.

Next up there's an eyeshadow primer from a brand I've never heard of before; Absolute New York. It looks to be a fairly budget thing, but I'm in need of a primer so I shall perhaps hold off buying the rather pricey Urban Decay variety until I see what this is like.

Then there's something I'm mega excited about; a full size, cruelty free nail polish from Color Club (colour, glossy seal) . Really liking the colour and, having had a mini polish from them before in a Birchbox,  I know the quality is there too! 

Lastly, there's a full size lipstick from Bellapierre - mine's a bold red sort (see the swatch below) which is the kind of shade I like (more blue than orange). Now, don't get me wrong, I am happy to receive this - the colour and quality initially seem great but this supposedly retails at £20 and honestly, it is about the cheapest, lightest, packaging I have ever seen! I mean, think of Urban Decay or Benefit lipsticks, heck, even a lot of drugstore lip products have far more sturdy and luxe packaging than this! I know at the end of the day packaging is just, well, packaging, but it would really put me off paying full price for a luxe product like this if I thought it would end up smashed in my handbag!

All the products were full size and for someone who's far more into makeup than skin care, this box was a big win for me. I'm undecided as to whether to stay with Glossybox - having watched other people's unboxings for a while, I think the whole thing can be a bit hit or miss? What do you think? Should I give it another month?

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