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Saturday, 5 July 2014

SUMMER-TACULAR: Favourite Barry M Summer Nail Colours

I'm a huge fan of Barry M nail paints at any time, but something about those bold, shimmerless, fearless colours they do so well just screams Summer to me. So much so that there's only one Gelly Nail Paint in there and none from any of the recent Spring/Summer launches; this is just me showing some love for some classic Barry M.

I'm not hugely into glitter polishes or top coats to be honest, a lot of hassle removing them. Generally I relegate them all to the festive period and just set aside about 17 hours a week for scrubbing my nails frantically with remover pads. But, that being said, I freaking love this polish for Summer. Blue, for me, is the ultimate Summer nail colour; it's the only time I wear it - it just makes me think of sunshine and warmth and white clothes (again, I only wear them in Summer!). This glitter for me says I'm on holiday, I'm chilling and it's SUMMER.

 Another blue, but this one is more purple and definitely the most muted of all the selections here. It's a bit more understated for wearing to work or visiting your gran, but at the same time it still evokes that Summer feeling.

347/ 66 MATT WHITE //
So I think white is actually a great colour pretty much all year round, but in Summer especially if (unlike me) you have a tan; white nails are the bomb. They set off your tan and make you look so healthy - heck, they even give my pale complexion a boost. White nails also always look so put together and chic; a great finishing touch to pull together more loose festival/boho Summer ensembles.

 I have gotten my post order muddled and am in fact featuring this here several days before it appears in a haul post - oooh, it's all gone a bit Inception-esque. Anyway, this nail varnish I have loved so much in the recent sunshine (NOTD post to follow) that after taking it off my finger nails - grudgingly, and only because I had to for work - I immediately painted my toe nails with it and think I'll probably be repainting them with it all Summer! This colour is so bold and cheery but it's not at all draining or ageing on my pale skin.

I've had this bottle a while... so long that the name/number has entirely rubbed off and I just had to Google it. Yeah. But every Summer I reach for it again - I love non-shimmer polishes that have a bold, but not neon colouring and this one just fits that perfectly. It's such an even, block colour I just think it adds a fantastic pop of colour to simple outfits - which is what I wear most of the time!

134 YELLOW //
Not the best name ever given to a polish I don't suppose, but oh well. This is the polish that taught me the hard way that you need to wear a base coat! I didn't with this once and, after removing it, walked around with fingers looking like I smoked about 80 a day - not my favourite look ever. This polish also isn't overly flattering on me... but I don't care, I just love it anyway! I have a more mustardy yellow from Bourjois that looks a lot nicer on me, but there's something about the primary yellow that I just can't get past! 

And so those are my favourite Summer Barry M Nail Paints - I'd love to hear what yours are! 



  1. What gorgeous colours! Particularly love the bright blue x

    1. Yeah, I still have Guava on my toes! I think it might be my ultimate Summer shade! :)

  2. Hiya, you comment on my summer nails post and I've just been scrolling through your blog to find yours and i have to say its brilliant. How you dont have more followers is beyond me! Your photographs are so clear and well done and your posts are so informative! Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment on my blog because if you hadn't id never have found yours! You got yourself a new follower!

    Also, I've never seen aqua glitter before? Its such a pretty colour! It looks quite strong in the swatch though so maybe it would look nice over the blue or the white? Lovely post chick x


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