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Monday, 7 July 2014

SUMMER-TACULAR: Summer Handbag Essentials

In Summer I find I'm much more prone to spontaneity - it's much more likely Kenny will meet me after work and we'll head to the beach, or a quick visit to town will turn into lunch outside somewhere nice. It's all jolly lovely when the sun's out, but at the same time, does lead to a lot of scenarios where you can be caught out by said glorious sunshine. Much of this I'm sure is fairly common sense, but that doesn't seem to stop me forgetting things all the time, so here are my Summer handbag essentials!

Number one on the list has to be Sun Cream  of course. Sure, you might just be heading to work and hey, your foundation has SPF anyway, but what happens when you head for a romantic stroll after work and end up with arms redder than cooked lobsters? Not fun and not a great look; always best just to keep some sun cream on you just in case - especially if, like me, you're super pale.

Another continual annoyance is leaving the house on a glorious day and realising you've forgotten your ... sunglasses and will therefore spend the entire day with eyes running so hard you'll ruin your makeup and you'll be squinting so hard you'll gain a few new wrinkles. While we're at it don't do what I did last Summer and figure your glasses will be fine in your bag - they won't be - invest in a super cheap and easily available Sunglasses Pouch.

I'm guessing most of us reading this post carry around makeup bags - I know I do, one big enough to double as a blunt instrument for bludgeoning if need be - but despite it's enormous size there are still a further few things I like to add in when the sun comes out, the first being powder. I don't generally wear powder on a daily basis - I have dry skin at the best of times and so don't really need mattifying or setting - but when out in the sun, boy I've wished I had this! It's great to just add a bit on and reduce some of that inevitable shine. Also, while your foundation probably has SPF - what about your lips? I always make sure I have a lip balm with SPF  with me as, well, I've never had burnt lips but I can't imagine it's a pleasant experience.

Another essential that I suppose isn't Summer specific necesarily - wet wipes. Generally I carry hand sanitizer for any time I need to feel de-germed but in Summer I prefer wipes that can physically wipe away any sand/dirt/midges that get on my hands or, even more unpleasantly, my face. Something else not to be caught without on a hot day - deodorant - nothing worse than spending an otherwise lovely afternoon worrying about whether or not you're sweating and whether or not anyone can tell. 

Remember that scene in Bridget Jones where she's in the convertible and it should be all glamorous but then y'know... her hair? Well, my hair and I have reenacted our very own version of that scene many, many times during beach walks which is why you should always carry - hair ties. Why ruin a lovely walk trying to restrain and wrestle with your hair the whole time? Why melt away in the heat and not be able to scrape your hair back? It's not worth it - carry some hair ties.

And lastly, and potentially most importantly (...well, it's probably a tie with SPF) you need to always carry water or always have the means to obtain some (money for the shop if you're passing one - also handy to carry some even if you do carry water anyway, then you can always use the money for ice cream instead!). Do any of you leave the house for a 'quick evening stroll' then suddenly realise you're two miles from the house and have never been more thirsty in your life? No, is that just me? Well I've done it plenty and it ain't fun. Dehydration can very quickly become serious, it's very important, especially in the heat to never be without water for any length of time - sure it's heavy and annoying to carry about, but you're a lot worse off not having any!

And so those are my list of Summer handbag essentials - and take it from someone whose learned it all the hard way - you do not want to be without these handy things! 

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