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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

SUMMER-TACULAR: Summer Skin Essentials

I don't much like getting me legs out, but I certainly feel a lot less silly walking in full length jeans if I'm at least wearing sandals, but of course, I work on my feet and I walk (a lot) so my feet ain't necessarily a lovely sight. I use two foot creams to get them soft and Summer ready. At night I like the Fairtrade Foot Lotion from LUSH. This is your classic peppermint smelling heavenliness made with all the ethics and quality you'd expect from a LUSH product. I like to layer this on thick and let it soak in through the night. WARNING: if you have laminate/wood/tiled flooring anywhere on your 'night time bathroom break' route, be sure to wear socks, or be awake enough to not slip on your lotioned feet and nearly squash a cat. Ahem, just a random suggestion, ahem. For daytime application - and yes, my feet do require lotion application twice daily - I swear buy Soap and Glory's Heel Genius. This is an almost gel lie formula that dries fast - well, for a foot cream - and feels light and protective on the skin. I feel like it shields my feet throughout the day, rather than just restoring any already done damage.

Movin' on up the body, for my legs, well, much as I may long for the dark days of winter during which it's entirely acceptable - in my eyes - to walk around with legs resembling those of Hagrid, even I concede that fluffy pins ain't a great Summer look. I have very sensitive skin on my legs and shaving casues a lot of irritation a times - that's my excuse for never shaving them, and I'm sticking to it! Joking aside, I don't get on well with the razors with various fancy moisture strips built into them, nor have my limited experiences of drugstore shaving cream thingies been positive, no instead, for me, the best thing to do is stick with a bog standard disposable razor and to use something like Kingskin or Ro's Argan Body Conditioner from LUSH to protect my legs whilst shaving, and then to apply again afterwards, while still in the shower, for an instant hit of moisture when they need it most.

As far as body lotions go, I like The Body Shop's Body Butters, especially for Summer. There are a myriad of fruity, Summer suited smells, but to be honest, my favourite of them all is the Olive Body Butter. It has a far more understated smell than many of the others and to me it just smells very clean and very cold which I'm aware is a nonsensical description of a scent, but there we go - that is how it smells to me! Another thing I enjoy using to give me Summer skin, and that I've talked about before, is Soap and Glory's Glow Lotion. I don't do tanning, so this is my weapon of choice to give my skin a glowing, healthy look - which believe me, is a big ask! In Summer, especially since I tend to have more flesh exposed (ooh, err) I like to smell good. I'm not really a perfume person to be honest - it often makes me feel headachey, so instead I enjoy using a lighter fragrance mist. I like the ones from The Body Shop such as my current favourite  English Dawn White Gardenia - which by the way smells like you're walking through a fancy country estate garden on a warm day. I love the fragrance mists from The Body Shop - they last well on the skin and are good value for the price.

So that's it, what I use on my skin during the (theoretically) warmer months. I love switching out products with the seasons and I love switching scents especially - then, months later you find the tub/tube/bottle and it brings back all those memories from that time; it's amazing how much of a trigger smells are isn't it?! I was going to lump facial skincare in here too, but frankly, let's face it - this has been waffly enough as is!


  1. These look great and as boring as it is I love using foot creams and lotions to really soften that hard skin (haha gross!)


    1. Lol, but could you imagine how much more gross feet would be if we didn't spend time applying moisturiser! *shudder*



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