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Thursday, 7 August 2014

BUDGET WEEK: The £20 Makeup Challenge!

This is hard to do, like really hard, and I'm not even into that much high end makeup! I kind of had it all worked out and I was comfortable with it... until I remembered you're supposed to include brushes in the budget - D'oh! I've watched examples to death on YouTube and I think I have finally got my own ready to post!

People go about this all different ways; some people see it as a way to try out cheap products they wouldn't normally use, and others use less products in favour of keeping some more expensive items they use genuinely everyday in the mix. I've gone for something in between. I've kept my priorities true to my purchasing habits - for example, I've chosen a much cheaper mascara so I can still have an eyeliner, rather than buy a better mascara and omit the liner, because that's a look I just don't really do.I have also purchased various items on offer which some people may feel is cheating, but realistically that's how I shop. I almost never buy drugstore beauty full price - I find if you wait a few weeks and keep an eye out, what you want will almost certainly be on offer. It's a very simple, everyday look and I'm excited to show you, so let's get started!!

Full List of Products Used:

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser £1.99
Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara £1.99
Total £3.98

Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow £2.99 - buy one get one half price
Maybelline baby lips £2.99 - buy one get one half price
Total = £4.49

Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil £3.19 - 2 for £5
Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil £3.19 - 2 for £5
Total = £5.00

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19
NYC Eyeliner £1.49
Total = £5.68

Grand Total = £19.15 - woohoo, under budget!

So now I'll talk you through how I applied things and why I chose the products that I did. 

Starting with the base, I very nearly splashed out and got my beloved Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation because it was on 2 for £10, but half the budget gone on two products, nope, couldn't face it. So I thought about what's important to me in a base and I realised I can't be without my concealer which is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (in 01). I'm applying this a little more liberally than I would normally and really taking the time to work it in well with my fingers.This is very high coverage so by the time I'm done, I look basically blemish free. I decided that with such a high coverage concealer I could probably do without a foundation, but opted to go for the Natural Collections Tinted Moisturiser (in Fair) to just even things out ever so slightly. No brush for this so I'm again just taking my time to work it in with my fingers. As a note, I'm very fair and this was a bit too dark for me; I could work with it, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for us super pale gals.

 Applying concealer even more liberally after the tinted moisturiser has been applied.

I have a naturally ruddy complexion and so I've decided to skip blush in this look; because I'm not wearing a foundation, plenty of my natural colouring will shine through anyway. So it's on to eyes and brows. I'm using the brow pencil I always use which is the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil (in Soft Brown) - this has a very soft and not too red toned pencil on one end and a spoolie on the other - perfect for a budget look like this. Since I'm not setting my brows today I make sure and give them a good brush through. Moving onto my eyes and the first thing I'm going to do is line them.  I was really short on budget by the time it came round to choosing a liner, so I've gone for one I've never used before, it's the NYC Eye Pencil (in Sable). I'm using the pencil in my water line, bottom and - unusually for me - top too; because I'm using a cheaper mascara, lining in here will give my lashes a little extra boost. Once the liners on, it's time for shadow. Now I know a lot of people will think it's mad to blow a quarter of the budget on two eyeshadows but I'm a 'shadow gal. I love wearing it and very rarely only use one colour, so like I said, trying to keep my priorities true but within budget I've chosen two Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencils (in Vanilla Sky and Hot Chocolate). The reason I chose cream, pencil shadows as opposed to a palette is that I can apply these straight to the lid and work them with my fingers whereas with powder shadows I'd have to have bought a brush or *shudder* faced using a foam applicator! I'm simply applying Vanilla Sky all over my lid and blending it out, then using Hot Chocolate in the crease and by my lashes and again, blending it out. 

Time for mascara and I opted to pick a cheap one from Natural Collections. Don't get me wrong, I love a good mascara, but I have alright eyelashes so I can get by using something like this if it need be - as long as it doesn't clump or smear, I can deal with not having the biggest lashes.

And that's basically us, all that's left is lips and I've elected to go for Maybelline Baby Lips (in Peach) which is something I wear on my lips multiple times a week and is super budget friendly, while being pretty and nourishing too.

So that's it, my £20 face - what do you think? Actually in the couple of days between writing this and posting it, I've had an idea for a second, very different- one - would you like to see another, or should I wait a few months?



  1. Just shows you don't need the best high end products to look good, pretty and natural :) xx

    1. Thank you! But yes I agree with you, it's really not always a case of 'getting what you pay for'! Thanks for reading,


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