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Saturday, 9 August 2014

BUDGET WEEK: Charity Shop Bargains

Probably my favourite place to shop is charity shops. When I was younger I did it because I was skint and then the older I got and the more used to it I got the more I realised how great it is to shop there. 1) It's cheaper - much cheaper. 2) you're not limited to buying what's 'on trend' or 'in season' you can find anything and everything 3) you won't be buying the 'it' item that everyone else is wearing and 4) let's not forget, you're donating to a charity and getting to shop - perfect!

I wanted to show you a couple of the things I picked up the other day when I went for a rummage - now, obviously, you won't find these exact pieces in a shop near you, but I wanted to show the kind of things you can find and how to work them into your existing style.

Item One - Zara Basics Corduroy Blazer £4.00

This fits me really well and will be a great piece to transition me into the cooler Autumn weather - that's definitely a tip I'd give people getting into charity shop shopping; don't be looking to shop for just this season, buy things as you find them, don't close your eyes to gems just because it's December and you don't need denim shorts.

This blazer is in mint condition and I'm sure I've saved quite a bit versus the original price from Zara!

Item Two - River Island Pleather High Waisted Skirt £1
Item Three - Topshop Lace Detail Blouse £2

I bought these separately and it didn't really occur to me that they could be paired together until much later, but actually I like the contrast of the delicate lace against the more 'tough' looking pleather. I see this being a winning winter combo for me! 
Item Four - Loose Fit H&M Leopard Print Tee £2.25

This top is kind of a basic item, I mean it's not a showstopping outfit piece by any stretch. But, as much as I'd love to sit and say I wake up and dress in well thought out ensembles each day, the reality is most days consist of grabbing the nearest pair of skinny jeans and boots on my bedroom floor and then stumbling into a tee. What can I say, I live a glam life.
This is the kind of top I like to throw on; it's got some movement to it, it hangs well, it looks like more than a basic fitted tee but at the same time it covers a multitude of sins with its bagginess and it goes with, well, most of my wardrobe. Charity shops aren't just great for experimenting with new styles, they can be great for stocking up on basics like this too.

Item Five - ASOS Panther Print Loose Fit Blouse £1.75

Whenever I'm having a charity shopping session I encourage myself to pick up one item that I'm like "ooooooh, I dunno if I'm goin wear that" about. This is that item. It's not that I don't like it, it's that it's just not very me - but the way I see it is worst case scenario I don't wear it, then after six months I re-donate it, not really a big deal given the price!

I do like wearing blouses/shirts, but generally I wear a sweater over them and just have the collar showing or, if I'm showing the whole shirt I go for something a bit more fitted - but this is just kind of large and shapeless - but hey, I like a challenge and I love the print on this shirt so I was excited to get it home and see what I could do with it.


  1. Great finds, I love charity shopping to & have some photos in my folder at the moment waiting for a blog post to be composed. As a shopping addict in "normal" shops I want so much but can't afford it, whereas in charity shops I can get pretty much everything I like on that particular visit and pay the same amount as I may pay for 1,item elsewhere!

    1. I feel EXACTLY the same as you. It's funny, lol, sometimes as I check out at a charity shop and I have like five things in my arms I start getting that buyers guilt feeling about spending money and then when I realise the whole thing only comes to like £10 it's like such a happy feeling!
      I also love the variety you can get in charity shops, you know, you're not limited to what's 'in fashion'.

      Thanks for reading,


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