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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

BUDGET WEEK: Favourite Beauty Bargain Websites

Even when I am on the strictest of budgets I still never really stop hunting for bargains, well, not entirely anyway - even if it is just a nail varnish from Poundland, I loooveee shopping! Now, on one hand keeping an eye on all these bargain sites is great; they can save you some money on things you would be buying anyway, but, on the other hand they can also entice you into buying things you wouldn't normally 'because it's just such a good deal!', so be warned: do not read ahead without some willpower in place,or this could get pricey! 


This site is not beauty specific at all, but boy, are the folks on this site on the ball with finding bargains! Any member of the site can post a deal they find anywhere (online or instore, local or national) and then other members rate the deal 'hot or cold' - so, if you don't have time to filter through everything, you can always just view the hottest deals. There is also a search function so you can look for specific brands/stores. 

I've used this site for years and have scored some absolute beauty bargains - from finding out about great sales super quickly (before everything good sells out) to hearing about one day only promotions I would otherwise have missed, and of course, getting amazing voucher codes that can lead to big deals - this is my number one bargain site for everything, including beauty.


Amazon has become a more recent favourite of mine for beauty bargains, for example, a couple of months ago I wanted to pick up one of TheBalm's Shady Lady palettes - which sell about £26.00 - but, after looking on Amazon, I picked up one for £12, brand new.
Now, here's a couple of tips for shopping on Amazon. 1. As well as bargains, there are a lot of overpriced/erroneous listings, so you do have to take time to go through things a bit. 2. If you're not buying directly from Amazon, make sure to check out the seller's reviews, policies and shipping charges - while I have no firsthand experience of it, it wouldn't surprise me if sometimes there were fake items listed. And 3. Something I like to do is save items I'm interested in to my wishlist and then log in every couple of days; prices can fluctuate massively on Amazon in seconds, so it's good to keep an eye on things and strike while the iron's hot so to speak.

Social Media Sites

Yup, your Facebook and Twitter can be gateways to a host of beauty bargains. Take the time to like/follow brands you buy from - they often post exclusive discount codes, or announce sales and competitions there before anywhere else. I'm relatively new to Facebook so maybe I'm more impressed with the news/offers posted there than some people, but I genuinely believe it's worth taking a few minutes to go through and like your favourite brands., and

These are all sites that I strongly recommend you join the mailing lists for! In the past two weeks all have offered a site-wide percentage discount (10%-15%), on top of various items being on sale already! I get emails from all of them, and don't find the quantity to be spammy - although, as I said at the start of the post, some self restraint is need; a lot of their offers are great!

I was looking at getting some new Urban Decay bits and had £5 off the Naked Basics Palette, while had 25% off the Black Market eyeliner set, and plus, a 10% discount code that could also be applied to it! These are some impressive discounts that soon add up.

All three sites stock a huge range of brands that are often hard to get your hands on elsewhere, they all offer free delivery (on orders over £10) and all the sites are incredibly user friendly.

What are your favourite places to look for beauty bargains? 



  1. Feel unique is definitely the place for me to get some good deals! I don't think I need to bother going anywhere else for benefit when I can get 20% off! And I love their super speedy delivery:)


    1. Yeah the delivery thing is a big factor for me too, I hate ordering something and then waiting like a fortnight for it to arrive - plus, it's free delivery! Hallelujah!

      Thanks for reading


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