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Monday, 4 August 2014

BUDGET WEEK: Makeup Revolution Salvation Palettes!

So, a couple of mornings ago - on August 1st - I woke up and shrieked "I'm going to Disney World NEXT MONTH" *squeal squeal*, quickly followed by "...oh fudge, I'm going to Disney World next month". As much as I appreciate how lucky I am to be going and believe me, I'm on the verge of bursting with excitement - there was still that 'back to reality' moment of realising that I should probably watch my pennies this month in order to prepare for all those last minute holiday purchases (you know, like £30 of tiny toiletries you don't need, and a depaeture lounge panic bikini you'll end up never wearing).

But rather than be a Negative Nelly about not shopping this month (well.. not much anyway), I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to make it a blog feature: so welcome to Budget Week on kittyblackadder - It's not all about beauty either, no, we'll be looking at lifestyle and fashion too - so stick around!

We're kicking things off today by looking at 3 of the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palettes: more specifically Girls on Film, What you Waiting for? and Welcome to the Pleasuredome. First off, can we just take a second to appreciate the originality of these names?! How awesome are they, and they have named every shadow in every single one of these 18 shadow palettes - that's impressive.

So Makeup Revolution, in case you've been living under a rock, are the latest super budget brand to rock the beauty world; on a price point with MUA but - in my opinion at least - far superior. They're perhaps best known for their Iconic Palettes which are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked PaletteS,  but, since I've seen roughly 67,708 reviews of them already, today we'll move on to the newer Salvation Palettes. Each Palette contains 18 shades; 12 shimmer and six matte, which is a lot of shadow for the £6 price tag - there are 5 different palettes avialable.


This is a super wearable nude palette with some pink and purple shades in the mix - named after the super awesome Duran Duran song, if you're interested (yes, yes I am listening to it as I write this!).

 Oder of Swatches// Along the top row, left to right, then along the bottom row, left to right - this is the same for all the swatches.

Walking Hand in Hand// Very pale pink toned shimmery highlighter shad
Heads Turning //  Shimmery copper toned sandy shade
Camera Rolling // More pink toned, shimmery copper shade
Take your Picture // Shimmery, metallic bronze shade
Polaroid Heaven // Shimmery, metallic copper shade
Made a Million //  Grey toned, shimmery taupe shade
Bridge at Midnight // Kind of beige, fleshy toned shimmery shade with some grey in.
Lights Flashing // Shimmery ballerina pink
Frenzy all down your spine // Shimmery, golden brown milk chocolate-esque shade
Lipstick on the Lens // Muted rose shimmery shade
Smile Wider // Shimmery plum purple with pink running through it
Hold Tight // Shimmery metallic pewter shade

The six matte shades along the bottom:

Give Me Shudders // Mid-toned mauve matte shade
Shooting Stars // Pale, muted pink matte shade
One in a Million // Pale lilac matte finish
So Bright // Grey, almost charcoal matte finish
She's Falling // cold plum toned, matte
Girls on Film // Warm, yellow toned matte nude.

Overall I like the palette, I really do. No, not all shades are great but to be honest, I think that can often be the case with higher end palettes too. I feel like maybe the purple tones could have used some reformulation as many of them seem a bit muddy - or is that just me?

 What you Waiting For?

This one arrived a little battered in the post - hence the dust - but nothing was actually damaged and let's face it; the majority of folks probably don't care too much about photographing all their makeup in pristine condition. This palette is named after the Gwen Stefani song - and the shade titles are references to that album in general. I had that album when I was 14 and I loved it, so frankly I'd have bought this no matter what the colours were! This again, is quite a neutral palette with some more pink - and in this case, yellow - shades thrown in to the mix.

 We Love You // Warm, peachy toned shimmery nude
Tick Tock // Mid brown, with cold grey tones through it (shimmery)
Can't Find the Brake // Pale pink toned shimmery brown
Moving Car // Slightly more pink toned version of Can't Find the Brake
Do it Alone // Deeper brown version of Can't Find the Brake
Sex Chromosome // This is a charcoal shade with purple shimmer, it comes out chalky though!
Now it's Only Me // Warm, pale, peachy toned pink (nice highlighter)
Scary Conversation // Warm toned gold shimmery shade, pretty metallic
Take a Chance // Medium toned quite metallic pink
Shut My Eyes // Copper toned shimmery pink
Stupid H... // Cold toned dark brown shimmer
Life is Short // Deep charcoal with some blue shimmer, again, this is a bit of a chalky dud!

You're Capable // Pale nude matte shade (good highlight)
Super Hot Female // Deeper nude matte shade, warm toned
Million Dollar Contract // Pale, dusky pink matte shade
Hot Track // Deeper, dusky pink matte shade
Brand New Fans // Matte chocolate brown
Wicked Style // Matte charcoal shade, too chalky for me as a dark shade

I probably like this palette less than Girls on Film - I still think it's good, but if I had to choose one, it would be the other. As well as the same 'sludge' issue with some colours, I also feel like this palette lacks punchy darks a bit for me. I enjoy some dark shades, even in day to day wear and for me, Girls on Film has a better balance of light to dark colours.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome 

This has been my surprise favourite of the bunch - surprising because it's the least neutral of the palettes! Althought actually, about 13 of the shades are, but there's five that are a bit more out there thrown in if you want to play with some new stuff! And, for the sake of completion, I should point out that this is named after a Frankie Goes to Hollywood song.

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome // Pale cream shimmery shade - great highlight
Xanadu // Shimmery sandy shade
Moving On // Copper toned shimmery sand shade
Using My Power // Electric blue shimmer shade
You Really Can't Afford Me // Shummery emerald green
Even When They Reach The Top // Shimmery warm toned deep purple
Where Lovers Roam // Shimmery pale chocolate brown
Jungle Call // Shimmery grey/ purple shade
Moving at a Million Miles an Hour // Very metallic copper shade
Sell it by the Hour // Shimmery bright turquoise shade
Shooting Stars Never Sleep // Very metallic copper shade, very similar but paler than Moving at a Million Miles an Hour
There Goes a Supernova // Beautiful grey green shimmery shade

And the six matte shades:

What a Push Over // Pale cream shade
Long Way from Home // Matte chocolate brown
Diamond by the Shower // Deep, grey/brown shade
Love Your Body //  Deep matte plum shade
I Can Do It // Matte, deep, charcoal shade
Never Doing What I am Told // Matte black 

So this palette I feel has a good balance of light/dark tones and the really darks in here (the blacks and charcoals) are a lot less chalky than those in What You Waiting For? I feel like I could comfortably take only this palette with me if I was going away for a couple of days as you can do minimal looks, fun looks, smokey looks with it - it's pretty versatile.

Overall Thoughts

While for the price tag I am impressed with these palettes, I think really I'd describe them as a bit hit and miss. Some shades are lovely, and some palettes are well put together, but, there are chalky shades and samey shades and for me, What you Waiting For? lacked balance and versatility. I'm glad I bought them, and I do use them, but at this point I'm not sure I'd buy more - unless they bring out new offerings that are mega intriguing. So should you  buy one? I think it depends on what you're looking for. If you are (like me) a bit of a palette junkie and you want to try something different then yeah, these are fun and you can do a lot with them. If you don't have a lot of money to spend and you're looking for something cheap and versatile, I think I'd find it hard to recommend these over my much loved Sleek palettes. The Sleek palettes cost £2 more and only contain 12 shades, rather than 16, but I feel like they're of an overall higher quality and, if you choose the palette with the right mix of colours for you, you can really make all the looks you need with 12 shades.The exception to this might be Welcome to the Pleasure Dome. It has such a great mix of colours; nudes, deeps and brights, that you really can do everything  with this £6 palette so yeah - if you're skint and want to buy one to do a lot for you, that would be my pick.



  1. So pigmented! Love them!
    How do you follow people on here? X

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for reading.
      To follow peoples blogs, mostly folks use bloglovin' and have links in the sidebar. Or, you can also use Google+ which again, most folks will link to in their sidebar - I recommend bloglovin' though, seems to get used more so it'll keep you up to date better with all the blogs you love :)



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