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Friday, 8 August 2014

BUDGET WEEK: Primark Haul!

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I went to our local 'big Primark' - the one in our town is good, but small, so it's nice to visit a bigger one that has a lot more selection sometimes. Of course, on seeing the bigger selection I of course buy loads more than I usually use in case I can't find the stuff in my local store. Genius.

Grey frilly socks - £1.50
I didn't own any frilly socks prior to this, I always wanted to, but what colour? What would I wear them with? Wait, why did I want them again? Anyway, I eventually cracked up and bought this grey pair that may or may not go with what I want to wear them with if and when I decide what that is. Either way these are super cute and were a great price - there was a huge selection of other colours/frill styles to suit everyone, I imagine.

Eyeshadow Palette - £2.50
Primark have recently (I think?) started making eyeshadow palettes and of course, how could I not get one to try out? The colours in it are super cute, especially as we move more into Autumn.I've done some initial swatching and I feel like while a couple of the colours are kinda chalky, this could actually be pretty good value for money - full post to come!

Heart Necklace - £3
 I love Primark jewellery and seriously, I could have bought so, so much this day - there Summer stuff has just been so great this year, but, I was good and just picked this up. I like this, because the thickness and the length of it have a kind of 'tough' look which is given a softer twist by the fact it's comprised of love hearts - no doubt you'll see this in quite a few OOTD posts!

Cat Pyjamas - Bottoms £6, Top £4
I literally said to myself that a condition of visiting the big Primark was that I wasn't allowed to buy any pyjamas - but I couldn't resist! How cute are these? The bottoms are cotton leggings with cute little cats on the knees and nice colourful stitching and the top, which I bought in a size up to be extra snuggly is colourful and covered in cats - which is pretty much perfect for me, crazy cat lady in training. 

Chelsea Boots - £15
All last winter I wanted something like this, but I never found a pair that was 'just right' they were all either too clumpy, or too high or not in my size or... well, I could go on. But these are my Goldilocks pair in the sense that they're just right. I can see me wearing these a lot, both with black skinnies and also with cute little dresses.

Black Brogues - £6 (reduced from £10)
I love brogues but, while I already have a couple of pairs, they're both bright and 'out there' so I'm really glad to have picked up a pair that will go with a lot more and therefore, hopefully, I'll be able to wear a lot more! 


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