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Sunday, 10 August 2014


And so we reach the end of budget week - I hope you've all enjoyed it and maybe taken something from it. Initially, like I said, I wanted to reign myself in a bit and focus on watching my pennies in the month before my big holiday; but honestly, it hasn't felt like I'm missing out at all. Sure, the MAC website was calling but I didn't feel 'hard done to' by not giving in! There are so many ways to still have fun with fashion and beauty without spending a fortune and this week has made me come up with so many more ideas for posts and new things to try out too - watch out for another, very different, £20 Makeup Challenge Post, as well as a full review of the Primark eyeshadow palette. 

So, what was on the blog this week?

Saw me look at 3 of the Salvation Palettes from Makeup Revolution - Girls on Film, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome and What you Waiting For?. Yes, I swatched and discussed every one of the 54 eyeshadow shades in those palettes and spent the rest of the day walking about looking like I had some strange skin disorder!

On Tuesday I shared with you all a list of my favourite places to hunt down beauty bargains online - some were probably quite expected, but others were maybe something you wouldn't have thought of; if you like a good bargain (and let's be honest, who doesn't) I recommend you check this post out!

Today I donned some oven mitts and stepped into the kitchen to whip up one of my most budget friendly and tasty muffin recipes! These are so versatile, durable and cheap to make and so yummy you'll be sitting in a pile of muffin crumbs looking bashful before you know it!

Thursday saw me upload my first ever attempt at the £20 makeup challenge - I really enjoyed doing this post! I actually found it quite hard at first but once I got into it, I was on a roll and actually came up with two ideas - so one is here, and the other will be up soon.

Well, even though it's a budget week it's still possible to shop, right? So today saw me head to my local 'big Primark' and check out what bargains there were to be had, and let me just say, I was impressed. I like Primark, but I find that if I go in too often I end up buying a whole load of stuff 'because it's such a bargain', instead, I prefer to go in kind of once per season and really stock up on essentials and fun treats all at once. This trip was no exception!

Today I wanted to show you some recent purchases I picked up from some local charity shops, but, thanks to it raining constantly yet unpredictably all week, I was forced to photograph the clothes on their own, rather than posting photos of me awkwardly looking like a deer in headlights trying to model them. Still, fear not, embarassing photos will appear as I do a couple of OOTD posts featuring some of the items soon.

And that brings us to today. Honestly, doing a week like this where I have some kind of rules for myself has been so refreshing and helped me feel so much more focused, on life and on the blog too.

If you have any suggestions for a 'theme week' you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below! :)

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