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Monday, 25 August 2014

Buying my Winter Boots... in August

Winter boots are something I have a love/hate relationship with. On one hand, I live in boots (even in the heat of Summer) so getting to buy a new pair without feeling guilty is pretty much the jackpot, but on the other hand, while I love wearing boots, I hate feeling like I have to wear them, and that's basically what 9 months of the year is here in Scotland.

So the earlier you buy them, the sooner you feel like you're buying into that 'it's winter now' mentality, and sure enough, literally the day after I bought this year's pair winter hit. It was like 9c, pouring rain and blowing a gale... in August. While I loved these boots when I saw them in store, the next day I could look at them with nothing but disdain as the rain battered against my window and I knew it was just me and them for the next 9 months.

The other reason I'm a bit less perky about the whole thing this year, is that I've been absurdly sensible in my choice this year. No cut-outs, no heel, no laces it takes 40 minutes to do up. I have literally gone for calf-high, leather, flat, black boots - almost identical to a pair my mum owns. Why? You might ask, why, have you forsaken all the colours and buckles and impractical features the boot world has to offer. Why have you become *gasp* a grown up? 

 I'm moving to Glasgow very soon, and I'm job hunting - this sentence is meant to be read as a very panicked I'M SKINT, by the way -  so I'm not going to be buying shoes (or anything else that isn't food) for a long time, and actually, I'm OK with it. It's so exciting to be moving out and living with Kenny that it's worth sacrificing some shoes and makeup for (well, it kind of isn't, but he might read this so...). But anyway, I needed a pair of boots that would last the winter and be wearable in rain, hail or snow (and because it's Glasgow, probably all of the above on the same day), and I also need them to be comfy to walk about in a lot and to match pretty much anything.

 And so, when I came across this leather pair in TK Maxx for £24.99, I knew they were perfect for what I needed, even though there were several cut-out, fur adorned, sparkly pairs on the nearby shelves crying as I ignored them and marched to till with 'sensible' shoes.  They are super comfy actually, and although they're a 3 I reckon they're sized small, 'cos I'm a 2 and they're only slightly too big on me (so they'll be perfect with some winter socks). They also do look good with jeans or wooly tights - which is basically all I wear in winter.

I know, deep down, when it's -12c and freezing, I'll be so happy I bought these, and I know I will wear them everyday... but right now I can't help but glare at them as they sit on my floor, summoning the cold weather and dark nights of winter, and taunting me in a sensible, leathery fashion.

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