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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Favourite Drugstore Picks Under £5

Looking back over my blog I'm seeing that it's really drugstore heavy - which isn't really a surprise, but what I'm noticing is that I mention products left right and centre, often without an in depth opinion and I thought it would be nice to kind of condense things a bit and compile a list of my top drugstore picks under £5, I'll also do another post on my favourite picks under £10 (well from £5-£10) too.Like I said, some of these products I mention a lot and will come as no surprise, but others are the kind of thing I maybe use a lot but aren't exciting or just slip through the cracks and don't get mentioned - so let's get started!


Two products that fall into this section, the first is the Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil, I use the shade soft brown. It's very soft so be sure to carry a sharpener, but it is a great colour match for my brows, I find it easy to work with without it going waxy or smudging and it's also a bargain at £2.99. I know that one of the more common complaints people have about brow pencils is that they're too red toned, and I'm not sure that this is an exception, but it's hard for me to judge as my brows are actually quite red toned! Then, to set my brows, I'll use the Natural Collection Lash Care Clear Mascara which costs £1.99 - various other budget brands do clear mascaras and I'm sure they're probably not that different, except that I find the wand on this one doesn't hold a whole lot of product which is bad for lashes, but great for brows! 


Two lip products to mention as well, the first is so obvious, let's just get it out of the way now shall we!? It is of course Maybelline Baby Lips which cost £2.99 each. From colourless balms to wearable shades to the new pops of 'electro' colour Baby Lips got you covered on a budget (plus they smell uhmazzzin'). Secondly, and somewhat more new to me, it would be the Sleek Lipsticks which are £4.99 each. I've only tried a few of these but I'm impressed with the range of finishes and shades they offer and the pigmentation and formula of these - an all round winner. My favourite shade (though it's more of an Autumn/Winter thang) is Cherry a dark sheer red, that's vampy but still classic and easy enough to integrate into my typical makeup look.


Again, two face products to talk about (I swear I haven't gone all Noah; I'm not deliberately doing everything in pairs!). Firstly is again, no surprise, it's the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (shade 01 for me) which costs £4.19 and is a full coverage, long lasting coverer of many sins! Love it. And secondly, I have a blush recommendation and that would be the Sleek Blushes  - which are £4.49 each.These are very pigmented (so apply lightly - trust me!) and the range of colours they do is drool inducing. I have a few but at the moment I just can't get over Pixie Pink - a bright, Barbie sort of matte pink.


First up, mascara. You don't get a lot of mascara under a fiver really, but surprisingly I not only have found one I like, but it's nowhere near the £5 mark; it is the Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara at £1.99. It makes my lashes look a lot thicker and it is a good black mascara - which sound silly, but I mean really black. For liner I always go back to the Bourjois Clubbing Eyeliners which are £4.99 each and do everything I want a liner to do: they go on well and they stay put. Shadow is a tough one; I'm not a lover of what the drugstore has to offer, but still there's a couple of things I use. First up we have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows which cost £4.99 each. In particular, I use the shade On and On Bronze a lot for a wash of colour on days where I have to get really super fast, or don't want it to look like I've put a ton of time into my eye makeup. Then from Rimmel we have the Scanadaleyes Shadow Sticks which cost £4.49 each and again, I mostly use the nude shade (Bulletproof Beige) for a sweep across the lid on understated days. Both of these are cream shadows and both apply easily and evenly and last very well throughout the day for me.


And lastly we come to nails. I feel like the drugstore does nail varnish well, and this is the one category where I could probably have gone on and on, but for coherence sake I've just picked two (what is it with me and twos today?!?!) First up Barry M. If I could only use one brand of polish for the rest of time I would choose Barry M. From the classic nail paints in all the colours of the rainbow, to insane glitters and effects, to all the new mattes and gellys - they have it all covered!! The classic nail paints are £2.99 each and are my faves, and all the fancy stuff is £3.99 each - not to mention they are frequently on 3 for 2's or similar! I don't think I could pick true favourites, but right now I'm loving Shocking Pink and Spring Green from the classic nail paints.
I also love the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polishes, these cost £4.49 each and have my favourite brush of all time. It is so thick and wide it makes it easy to paint your nails - even for someone as incompetent as me. I don't love as many of the colours in this range, but I adore the shade Punk Rock (from the by Kate Moss range), it's just the deepest grey/blue/purple shade that's hard to define but so eye catching.

And so those are my favourite drugstore picks under £5 - I would love to hear what some of yours are!


  1. Lovely pics! I love the colour tattoo shadows! So pigmented and long lasting! <3


    1. Yeah they're heavenly, don't know how I coped on lazy morning without them!
      Just ordered a blue one, going to try and be brave and wear it! *gulp* wish me luck!!
      Thanks for reading,


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