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Thursday, 14 August 2014

FOTD: Back to School

I knew I wanted to do a post on Back to School Beauty to maybe give some ideas to anyone going back to school, uni or college. I also knew I couldn't recreate the actual looks I wore at school, uni or college as frankly, there probably isn't enough back eyeliner in the world left to do that. I was not that into makeup until a couple of years ago; I loved eye makeup, the bolder and more dramatic, the better, but that was it. No face products or lip products, just half an Urban Decay counter on my eyes. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I must have been so popular at school..

So the look I've created here is how I would do my makeup now if I was in fact going to college or whatever. I wanted it to be relatively quick to put together, and comprised of products that won't slide off your face as you run, sweatily to a classroom you can't find anywhere, and also, I wanted it to be a pretty affordable look to, it is for students after all! Ultimately, when starting back at school, or even a new job, I always think the look to go for is: I've put on some makeup which shows I've made an effort, I've also done it subtly to flatter my natural looks, rather than spent 3 hours plastering it on to levels that distract employers, lecturers and nearby traffic. It's a light, glowy look that is feminine and will give you a little boost of confidence, without drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

So, starting off with foundation then, and I opted to use something with a light coverage and a nice, dewy finish, I chose the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation. This does give a very sheer coverage, but it still works quite well for me because my skin is naturally quite ruddy and red, and this is very yellow toned, so it balances out pretty well. I just applied this with my fingers and worked it in. On to concealer, and because I still want my face to show through a bit and I'm not too worried about masking every blemish, I opted to also use the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (in Eclat Clair) Again, it's not the most full coverage, but it's yellow toned which works well for those bags under my eyes - it also has brightening properties, and I feel it does help with that.

I then cracked out my Urban Decay Flushed Palette (in Native) and went to town. Now, this sells for £22 so I know that you could argue it ain't that cheap and believe me, I felt the same when I bought it, but honestly, given that it's your blush, bronzer and highlighter in  one, plus because it's so high quality you only use a little at a time - it's actually a good value investment, though the initial outlay may seem a bit steep. So I start with the highlighter and I just dust it over my cheek bones and brow bones, and then I use the blush - a really small amount - and delicately apply it on the apples of my cheeks. Bronzer is last and I'm not using it for contouring, instead just buffing it lightly into my forehead and a little onto my cheeks to make it look like I've seen the sun at some point... if only.

That's it for the face then, onto eyes. Brows first and as ever it's just the Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil (soft brown) I'm using and sealing it with the Natural Collection Lash Care (clear) Mascara. For eyeliner, I wanted to look awake and fresh but not too  defined, so I went for the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Liner (in Nude) and I placed this in the water liner. For shadow, I'm using the Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette from Sleek. I took the shade second from the left on the top row and applied it all over my lid, and then used the shade on the far right of the top row and blended it into my crease and over the outer third of my lid. It gives a nice shimmery, girly look without being too intense. Last up for eyes is mascara and I'm using the Maybelline Falsies Mascara (waterproof, black). But I actually don't love it, I feel it clumps my lashes quite a bit, plus, I'm never entirely sure what I'm meant to be doing with that brush!

And that's it, all that's left is to add a bit of lip colour. Now, although I wanted this to be pretty budget friendly I'm using MAC's Creme Cup lipstick, but that's because it lasts so well and on a first day at school, I don't want to be worrying about touching up and lipstick smudging everywhere, so for me, this is worth it. If I was to go for a drugstore option, I would use the Maybelline ColorSensation Lipstick (in Kiss Pearl).

And so that's my take on a back to school makeup look - I'd love to hear your thoughts, or what products you like to use for this look! Thanks for reading.


  1. Such a pretty & natural makeup look! It suits you beautifully! X

    1. Thank you - that's so kind!
      If only I'd had the sense to do a simple look like this when I was at school *shudder* those are some painful memories!!
      Thanks for reading,


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