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Friday, 15 August 2014

#FRIDAYFAVES: Bourjois Products

Gah, where to start?! Bourjois is.. wow... is it my favourite drugstore brand? Yeah, it might be, or it's up there anyway. Why do I love Bourjois so much? OK, so I really like the colours they do, of everything. Does that make any sense, probably not, well, let me start listing things and I'll show you as I go. 

 So Laque Glossy Nail Enamel/ So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish (£5.99 each)

I own these in, erm, a few colours shall we say and there's many, many more I'd like to own (if only Kenny would ever leave me alone near a nail varnish counter - he knows me too well). Do you see what I mean about the colours? Are these colours not just a bit... 'odd'? And I do mean that in the best way possible - they're kind of, off, you know, not your standard colours that we all own 76 bottles of. I think for a brand, especially a drugstore brand, Bourjois comes up with some very unique nail offerings and largely avoids many of the more gimmicky nail 'effects'. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick (£7.99)

It was actually my sister who got me into these, she was using the shade 04 Rose Tweed as her staple, everyday colour and it kept catching my eye how lovely and even the colour was and how nice the finish was on it too - not glossy at all, but not clingy and dry either. I have since accumulated a few of these and my favourites - if I had to choose - would be 03 Peche Cosy which is a pale coral shade. I don't wear a huge amount of coral because it emphasises my already rather yellow teeth, but this one is still kinda nudey, and I just really, really like it. 

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick (£7.99)

I surprised myself enormously by liking these, generally I'm really not into glossy looking lips - even when people say they're not sticky, they usually are for me. I would describe these as a substitute for lip gloss if you can't stand lip gloss - gee, I wonder why they didn't go with that as a tagline? But seriously, they're a wonderful, light level of colour that looks so fresh on your lips and lasts very well - these have been an absolute favourite all through this Summer. My most worn is, without a doubt, Beige Demochraphic which is a dusky, pinky pale nude shade - perfect for an everyday understated look, but also compliments a smokey eye well too.

Also, just a little note added in here, I'm sure people will be shocked that I haven't included the much adored Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks in here and it's not because I don't love them, I swear. Objectively, I would say that these are right up there as one of Bourjois' best products, it's just that personally, I'm not as into a bold lip, so while I love wearing them on the occasions I do, the reality is, they are more of a rarity on my lips than the other lipsticks they make.

Contour Clubbing Eyeliner (£4.99)

I'm an Urban Decay liner girl through and through really but ouch, those prices. My budget does not really allow for them to be used on days where I'm just sitting around the house with my cats. So my absolute favourites from the drugstore are these from Bourjois - they last really well, apply really easily and come in quite a few awesome colours, no - not as many as Urban Decay, but still, some really great ones. These are described as waterproof and for me, they really do live up to that which is always a bonus.

Little Round Pot Cream Blush (£7.99)

These are some of my favourite blushers of all time, and in my opinion, great for the price they are. I have a few but the two I tend to switch between are 02 Healthy Glow which is a fantastic coral shade that's still quite pale, it looks a lot more natural than a lot of the ones I've seen from other brands and also 03 Rose Tender which is a nice dusky, rose pink which again, looks very natural. I wear these blushes a lot, but I especially think they're great for things like interviews or days at work when you don't really want to look like you have a face full of makeup, but still want a lovely healthy dose of colour. 

And so those are my favourite products from Bourjois, although believe me, I could have gone on! Like I said in the intro, a big part of what I love about Bourjois is the range of colours they do: I feel they always bring something new or different to the table - they make shades nobody else does, or finishes that set them apart. What are your favourite products from Bourjois?


  1. Bourjois are definitely becoming one of the best drugstore brands! Amazing quality at such a low price:)


    1. I know right?! I love their stuff - just picked up the Healthy Mix concealer and it's awesome...and such reasonable prices!
      Thanks for reading,,


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