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Friday, 22 August 2014

#FRIDAYFAVES: Drugstore Concealers

Concealer; for me, one of the less 'exciting' products. I don't look forward to using it, I don't get excited about new releases, but at the same point, where would I be without it? It probably doesn't bear thinking about actually...

So here are my favourite drugstore concealers, God bless every one of them for keeping me from frightening small children and people with sensitive dispositions. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

Category: The all rounder
What I love about it: Eye bags be gone! I start work at 5:30 am sometimes, and this keeps me looking human in the morning. Honestly. When I've only had a few hours sleep, this, and a pop of mascara make me look so so much more awake! It does well with blemishes too, so it's a great all rounder.
What I'm not so keen on: I have mega dry skin and this will settle into the fine lines under my eyes a little. It takes hours to do that though, so it's totally worth it to get me through that early shift!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer £7.99

Category: natural looking cover
What I love about it: It's yellow toned and brightening which makes it great for use under my eyes. It isn't the heaviest coverage which I know for some is a down-side, but I actually like having one in my kit that is more sheer for days when I want to look a bit more natural.
What I'm not so keen on: The price. For me, given it's not full coverage and because it's brightening I wouldn't use it on a zit, it lacks the versatility to make it worth the price tag. I like having it, and I do use it, but if I had to pick one this wouldn't be it.

Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer £5.99

Category: Easy, fast coverage
What I love about it: The shade is almost a perfect match to my skin, meaning it cuts down on application time a lot as I don't have to work it in like crazy. The brush applicator I have a bit of a love hate relationship with; I love it because it's easy; you squeeze the tube and brush it right onto your skin. It means you don't need to paw your face with your fingers, or carry a separate brush about. It has a pretty good level of coverage, but isn't so thick as to start caking or settling.
What I'm not so keen on: The brush applicator, the downside, is I feel you lose a lot of product in there so I kind of wish you had the option of detaching it somehow. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.49

Category: dewy, sunny, glowing finish
What I love about it: I bought this because the Wake Me Up Foundation is one of my favourites, unfortunately I don't feel this lives up to the same standard. What I like about it is it has the same finish as the foundation; that wonderful, glisteny, dewy look that really works on my dry, slightly dull skin. It's also in a tube with a doe foot applicator, which is my preferred method for application.
What I'm not so keen on: The shade. I'm baffled by it actually. If I had a range of twelve foundations and I was making accompanying concealers I would a) make twelve shades to directly coincide with the foundations or b) at least ensure that shade one of the concealer was as light as shade one of the foundation and shade twelve of the concealer was as dark as shade twelve of the foundation - right? Well nope. I use the palest foundation shade which is a good match if not even maybe, slightly too pale, so I picked up the palest shade of concealer and look, it's much  darker. I can still work with it, and I do because I love the finish, but it really bugs me that it's so far from my foundation shade!

Maybelline Cover Stick Thick Concealer £3.99

Category: Industrial Spot Hider
What I love about it: This doesn't get the greatest reviews and I can kind of see why. People feel it leaves their skin greasy and I can see how maybe it would, but on my dry skin, it's not a problem. This is the concealer I use for really bad skin days. If I have one of those volcano sized spots I'll use this as a kin of base, to well and truly hide it, and then I'll go over the top with a concealer that has a nicer finish.
What I'm not so keen on: It's really perfumed and although it fades quite quickly once it's on your skin, I sometimes struggle with applying such a strong floral fragrance so close to my nose early in the morning.

And so those are my favourite drugstore concealers, they all kind of do different things, and have their own roles, but by extension, they're all great in their own way.


  1. I recently bought the wake me up concealer and love it. Didn't get on with the collection concealer as much as I had hoped though x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Lol, it just shows doesn't it? Makeup is such a personal thing. I think I'm kind of maybe starting to go off the Collection one a little, or maybe I'm just getting restless because I've been using it for so long!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love the Collection concealor too for the full coverage! I did want a slightly yellow one like the Bourjois, but like you said it might not be the full coverage I need :) xx

    1. The Bourjois one is really growing on me at the moment, I think I've been so used to pasting over all my imperfections with the Collection one for so long that it's weird seeing any trace of bags and stuff, but the reality is, we all have them, and I think sometimes I need to just accept that and not worry about it so much, it's kind of worth it for the more natural look it gives.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!



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