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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Life #4 - We're Moving to Glasgow!

I haven't done a chatty, life update kinda post in quite a while - mostly because they would all read; hugged my cat, watched Netflix, ate some cheese - but I feel like this move maybe warranted one!
I also couldn't think of any relevant image to go with this post since we're not actually in the new flat yet, and nothing's packed yet (aaaaarrrgghhh) so I can't take an artsy shot of a stack of boxes, so instead, enjoy this feline interlude...

I think I have mentioned before, but Kenny (the other half) has decided to do Uni as a mature student and was accepted to his first choice of course *cough* ksjkja[dp[s *cough* (I do listen... it just has a long title...) at Strathclyde Uni - I couldn't be more proud of him, or happy for him. It's a pretty full on course, and he spent last year doing the two hour round trip commute to Glasgow for college and he doesn't fancy repeating the experience with a heavier workload.

And so the plans for a move 'to the big city' were launched and we're very lucky to be receiving some help from Kenny's parents, which has amongst other things, sped the process up enormously. I have various, more specific posts coming up on the actual flat viewing/ decision making process, so I won't ramble on too much here.

It's all happened very suddenly, which is A) very exciting and beneficial for Kenny to be in place ASAP to make his course easier and B) freaking terrifying as we're moving in roughly six-seven weeks and of that, we'll be in Florida for three. Gulp. There's lots to organise - as there always is with a move - and for me, there's the added joy of job hunting in Glasgow.

We absolutely love the flat we're moving into; I've looked at the photos online at least 100 times - and we're also very lucky in that the previous owner is moving a bit of a distance and so is leaving basically all the furniture - very handy! It'll mean we can save up and buy pieces we really want, rather than have to kit the place out at the get-go and end up buying cheap things we don't want.

So yeah, I thought I'd just check in and let y'all know what's happening; also to explain the inevitable sudden appearance of home and decor posts - even though we may be skint, I will be using every thrifty trick in the book to make our little flat into a home!

P.S. for any of you who live in Glasgow or know the city a bit, I would love to hear recommendations for things to do, places to visit, stuff to eat - just anything cool that's maybe off the beaten track a little! I'm such a city n00b!

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