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Sunday, 3 August 2014

NOTD Barry M Navy

Like many boyfriends of beauty bloggers, I imagine, Kenny knows far more about makeup than he ever needed to. He spends far longer talking about it than he would ever want to and every single DIY project he has lined up is for some new method storing/displaying my girly "stuff". Poor boy. Last week he made the fatal error of asking me if I wanted to "pop into town", foolishly forgetting I would take that as permission to spend an hour in Boots - that wee angel has been in there so often he's starting to know which makeup counters are in which aisle better than I do! Anyway, the one thing he likes to look at in there is the Barry M polishes - even as a boy he can recognise the beauty in the rainbow like range of colours stocked there. If I lose him in Boots, I'll find him standing there entranced.

So seeing as how they were buy one get one half price and I need approximately zero encouragement to buy nail polish, I suggested he pick out a couple for me to buy. Boy's got taste... in nail varnish... strangely. Anyway, this was the first colour he chose; it has the most boring name 'navy' - it's such a pretty colour it deserves a way cuter name! It's a deep metallic navy blue (I mean yes, I can see why they called it navy, but something like twilight sky, or sapphire eyes would have been equally descriptive and way nicer to title a blog post with!!) and it's just so pretty on. It's just not quite so dark it's gothic and not so bright it;s garish - it's just a fantastic wintery shade, and yes of course, that's why I'm wearing it in August.

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