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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

NOTD: L'Oreal Paris Pin Up Red

Summer has definitely left my little corner of the world and has left behind it some incredibly uncomfortable clammy, rainy and cloudy weather. It's not the kind of weather that inspires great outfits in me; if you don't layer, you're going to get wet, wear anything with a hood you're going to melt with the humidity. So basically I've not been wearing anything beyond my black skinnies (ooh err, obviously I've been wearing tees with them,..) very minimal makeup too - and what spices up monochrome outfits and minimal makeup? That's right, red nail varnish! It makes it look like you've gone for a deliberately minimal, Parisian influence chic rather than that you couldn't be bothered. Magic.

This particular red I had no idea I had. I actually have far less reds than any other colour; I suppose I kinda feel if you've got one, you've got them all, which is silly; there are of course a whole range of different shades and hues for every occasion and skin tone. Anyway, this shade is very nice, it's called Pin Up Red (which is a great name) although I can't see it listed on the Boots site, so now I'm wondering if it was something I picked up in Poundland at some point. This is a very classic red as the name sort of suggests: it's a warm red with underlying slightly cooler, cherry tones. It looks very elegant but it does also have a naughty little pin up pop to it.

Anyway, I always feel you can't go wrong with a red polish. They make me feel so much better when I'm feeling a bit down about how I look, it's like a confidence boost, nod to elegance and a style statement all in one. I guess red is a classic nail colour for a reason.

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