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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Popping my MAC Cherry

A couple of weeks ago I booted up my laptop, cracked open bloglovin' and promptly spat my tea all down myself. I had just seen a post from the amazing Miss Budget Beauty announcing that Debenhams was doing £5 off any lipstick in honor of 'National Lipstick Day' - which is a marketing ploy holiday if ever I've heard one! But seriously, £5 off a lipstick. But not just one lipstick, nope, they had just marked all the lipsticks down, so you could buy as many as you wanted at £5 off. In the end I picked up four lipsticks; two from Urban Decay because I'm a huge, huge UD fan but have only ever tried eye products from them, and two MAC lipsticks because I've never owned anything from MAC and now seemed like a good time to start! So, which did I choose?

My first choice was pretty easy. I knew I wanted a nude because that's what I wear most days, and I knew I wanted a pink toned one as I already have a few brown toned nudes I wear a lot. I don't know very much about the finishes of MAC Lipsticks, but I knew I wanted to avoid to bold or matte a finish. In the end, I opted from Creme Cup which I've heard a lot about, and from swatch photos, looked amazing. I'm happy to report that I do indeed love the colour - it's exactly what I wanted; a pinky toned, nude with a not too bold cremesheen finish. Expect to see this in many FOTD posts!

 I decided to choose a second one, but didn't really know what to go for. Another nude? I had Patisserie in the basket.. and then back out... and then in...and then out. No, I should push the boat out and try something different and fancy. OK. But seriously, where to start?! MAC is intimidating for noobs, or for me anyway! I started to think about the coming months, it's going to be autumn winter soon and I tend to wear berry shades then, OK, that's a start, and then I've been getting into more purple tones recently, OK, that's good, we can work with that, and I want to try another finish apart from cremesheen, but not a full out matte. And that's basically how I landed on Rebel. This looked a little scary in the tube, but as soon as I swatched it (yes I am a horrible blogger for not waiting to take photos before swatching it - I was waaaaaaay too excited) I could see it's actually my kind of colour for winter. It's purple, but not so much it's screaming "I'M WEARING A PURPLE LIPSTICK" it's just on the purple end of berry and it has a much bolder Satin finish, so I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone with that.

I'm very happy to finally own some MAC lipsticks, but, worryingly, I've already found myself broswing sites for more... is that normal? I've only had these ones for a week!!

Did you indulge in the National Lipstick Day offer? If so, what did you get?


  1. I wouldn't normally go for a purple but that one looks really pretty. Love the finish.
    Sasha xx

    1. I like a purple, but this one had me a bit *yikes* before I tried it on. I love it and can't wait for it to be truly Autumn purple lip wearing weather!
      Thanks so much for reading :)


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