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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sleek Storm Palette (Review and Swatches)

I picked up this palette not so long ago while shopping in Glasgow - nowhere local to me stocks Sleek, so I mostly buy their stuff online - whenever I'd looked at this palette on sites, I'd always ruled it out as being 'too blue', and I don't wear a lot of blue. For some reason it didn't click that it wasn't very blue at all until I saw it in person, at which point, I immediately dropped it in my basket. And then we lived happily ever after...

Now, I thought Sleek did name their shadows, and I have some of the plastic films with the names on in some of the palettes, but not this one, and when I Googled it, I couldn't find names either - does anyone know the deal with this? Have they named some and not others? Can I just not work Google?

For the sake of this post I'll just refer to them by numbers 1-12. 1-6 along the top row, left to right, and 7-12 along the bottom row, left to right.

ONE // I use this shade a lot, most days in fact. It's a kind of mid, biscuity brown that's pretty shimmery - but it's more metallic than glittery.

TWO // by far my most worn shade - I think I'm close to 'hitting pan' - this is a metallic finish sandy colour. Great for everyday wear, or as the lightest shade in a smokey eye.

THREE // This is essentially the same colour as shade one, but this is a matte finish.

FOUR // A metallic gold

FIVE // A pale metallic pink, but not so pink that it's draining on me.

SIX // A deeper, much pinkier-pink that I don't get as much wear out of, though I do quite like a little of it just worked into the crease.

Above are shades one to six, swatched left to right.


SEVEN // A deeper, metallic-ish chocolate brown. I love this colour, but because it's quite dark, I mostly use it under my bottom lashes or just a little smudged into my top lashes.

EIGHT // A deep, shimmery, grey blue colour - it looks much more blue in the pan than it actually looks on the lid.

NINE // A deep, shimmery green that again comes out more subdued on the lid than you might expect.

TEN // A shimmery medium purple-blue. I use this as a liner mostly - under my bottom lashes or along the top ones. Really like the colour, it's just not that 'me'.

ELEVEN // A more cool toned matte brown shade.

TWELVE // Matte black

As you can probably see, this palette offers a lot of versatility. The three nude, matte shades can be used to do a smokey eye and the colours that are in the palette are all still wearable and easy enough to work into your routine if you're normally a neutral eye gal. I'm not going to start going into my favourite combos here, instead I'm going to do a Favourite Faces post in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that if you want to see what colours I wear together and how!


  1. This is such a great palette and so affordable. I dunno why I hesitate piking it up every time I'm in Boots. I'll have to finally pick it up one day as those rose coloured shades are gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Lol, there must be something about the palette - I did the same thing! I wore it today, and every time I use it I just regret taking so long to get around to picking it up, I think it's by far the most versatile of the Sleek palettes. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!



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