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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer/Autumn Transitional Nail Colours

It's time to say farewell to Summer, or it is here in Glasgow anyway. As well as being more than a little depressing having to kiss sunshine goodbye half way through August, it's also a little infuriating to think of moving over to Autumn colours and staying in the plum-olive-navy region between now and April. So I put together my favourite nail colours that savour the last of Summer vibes, but also won't look out of place worn with a wooly scarf (I'm not joking, I actually had to wear a scarf yesterday...*sob*)

For me Rusty colours are a great way to add warmth to an Autumn palette and, I love a good Tango orange for summertime, so this shade to me sits somewhere in between. It's still pretty bold but significantly more muted than a neon - it's like seeing the sun... through ten layers of cloud *sob*

I wear a lot of golden/brown nail shades in Autumn - I guess they're reminiscent of the turning leaves! But this colour is more of a mustard yellow. Wear it on a warm day (if you're lucky enough to get one) and it'll give you a pop of colour, wear it with boots and a coat and it'll be a hint of Autumnal gold.

 Blue might seem a weird shade to put in there, but I find blues are great for transcending the seasons because they're so apart from any association really. This is a mid blue, it's not too flashy on the nails - no shimmer or glitter or mad effects - it's not too dark for sunny days or too pastel for the rain, it's definitely my pick for a non-seasonal-specific blue hue.

Struggling to step away from the hot pinks? Look no further. This is a bold pink, but with red tones through it, it's very watermelon. This will keep your nails looking ultra feminine while taking a step away from the candy shades of Summertime.

Not a floral, not a plum - this is a purple hanging out somewhere in the middle. Again, if the sun comes out this will look great with sandals and a cute strap top, but worn with jeans and a jacket, the subduing blue shades will shine through and make it clear you're moving away from lilacs and lavender. 

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