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Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Body Shop Sale Haul!

The Body Shop had one of their 40% off everything including sale items, promotions running and well, I am only human - and a weak willed one at that. I really didn't mean to buy this much, in fact I think I blacked out in some kind of shopping induced coma and finished the order in a semi unconscious, incoherent state as I was shocked to see I had ordered this much when the box arrived! Oh well, too late now.

Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser //
I hadn't ever tried anything from this range before, which is a bit mad seeing as it's the one designed for my skin type: sensitive. I am always drawn to exfoliators and washes as I love that fresh, clean feeling a good scrub gives you, but alas, my skin does not, so I chose the cream cleanser that can be either removed with a cotton wool pad or washed off with warm water and a muslin cloth. I haven't used it yet but I intend to use the latter method and will report back in a bit and let you know how my skin likes/hates it.

Atlas Rose Fragrance Mist // 
I've mentioned my love for the fragrance mists a few times lately and, while I'm mostly using the English Dawn White Gardenia scent at the moment, this is my favourite and I couldn't resist stocking up since I was putting in an order anyway (oh, right, starting to see why I ended up spending so much...). These mists are great if you want to smell good (who doesn't?) but find perfumes a little stifling, powerful or headache-inducing. These still smell plenty strong enough, but they fade in a couple of hours meaning you can either reapply, or give yourself a break from the scent. Shockingly enough the Atlas Rose smells like roses; nice clean, fresh roses though, rather than a more traditional old lady scent.

Body Butters in Blueberry, Passion Fruit and Papaya - £3 each //
At this price how could I possibly not have picked these up?!? No seriously, any tips? I have a freaking huge stash of these things waiting to be used up *sigh* so weak willed.
The Papaya and Passion Fruit are both very tropical, sharp scents, nice for Summer (better bump them to the front of the line then) and the Blueberry smells, well, like blueberries. It has a more subdued scent than the other two and will be great used after the Blueberry body scrub - I'll smell like Violet Beauregard all day!

ColourGlide lipsticks - around £4 each (These have been removed from The Body Shop site, so there's no way to know the names *sigh* but the numbers on the tubes are (left to right above) 05, 11, 06, 12, 01) //
Going to dedicate a post to these on their own so I won't go on too much here, but I love these lipsticks. They're nice and sheer (which I like) and don't dry out my lips like crazy - I mean they're no Revlon Lip Butters, but they can certainly hold their own. 05 is a deep plum colour that I'll be holding off until autumn to roll out I suspect, it'll be a good way to get back into deeper berry tones as it's a nice gentle, sheer way to start out. 11 is a relatively deep brown tone nude, haven't really played with this yet and worked out how to wear it, but I like the colour. 06 is, though it doesn't look it hear, a pale coral colour - looking forward to this as I don't yet own a sheer coral colour. 12 is a beautiful pink toned 'bold' red, or as bold as a sheer lip can go anyway. Very classic and it's the right shade for my skin tone. Lastly, 01 is a bolder, more orange coral than 06 but of course, still very wearable.

Brazil Nut Shower Cream - £1.80 //
I love The Body Shop's Shower Creams and Cleansers, they are so gentle on my skin but because there's so many scents I don't get sick of using them at all. Brazil Nut is one of my all time favourite scents (sitting sniffing it as I type this, you know, for research..) and I just couldn't resist picking up another one to use. I think Kenny likes this one too, so debating taking it to Florida with us... but then I'd have to share it! ;)

So that's it, my 'little' sale haul. I cannot be the only one who splurged on these special offers so come on, share below, it'll be like therapy for our retail addiction issues! ;)


  1. Wow got some good bargains there! I love the brazil nut scent its probably one of my faves:)


    1. Nobody else I know really likes the Brazil Nut, but yeah, it's one of my faves! Team Brazil Nut haha

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. The products look lovely! I especially like the sound of the Atlas Rose Fragrance Mist! I always seem to miss out on sales…

    Beauty with charm

    1. It's one of the few sites where I like getting regular emails from them as it keeps me on top of when they have offers on! Can't think of the last time I actually paid full price for something from there!
      I actually just bought a mini version of the Atlas Rose scent to take to Florida with me as I just freaking love the smell so much!
      Thanks for reading :)


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