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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Drugstore Beauty Haulin'

I picked up a couple of bits from Superdrug and Boots recently and thought I'd just do a little haul post for ya - I love me a haul post! So let's get the two 'less fun' things out of the way first shall we?

T-Gel Theraputic Shampoo
I've had issues lately with like the world's itchiest scalp - I can't find much of a reason for it, so I'm kind of now assuming it's linked to my anxiety. Gee, thanks anxiety. I normally use the very natural and friendly Lush shampoo bar, Karma Komba but am now seriously contemplating trying something more chemical and medicinal like this. Bit nervous about using it, but desperate times and all that!

Palmer's Coconut Oild Formula Strong Roots
Again, linked to the scalp problems - I like Palmers as a brand and thought I'd try out some hair care from them. Firstly, the smell, it smells like eucalyptus, peppermint oil and coconut... it's, erm.... wow. It's not bad, it's just... wow. Haven't used it, but have pretty high hopes given the usual standard of Palmer's products.

I love wearing mascara on my bottom lashes. I love the awake look it gives and I find that, because I often wear smudged out liner/shadow under my bottom lashes, if I don't wear mascara down there, it can look pretty odd. However I am, by all accounts, not very good at applying it to my bottom lashes with a standard brush - it goes everywhere. So I'm hoping that this mascara (which has a big brush on one end and a small one on the other) may help me out a little bit!

And, since Maybelline was 'buy one get one half price' it seemed rude not to pick up a couple more bits! I've been using the waterproof version of this mascara and I just love the brush on it and the formula, but, I'm weaning myself away from waterproof formulas unless I need them, so I picked up this one move on to.

I mentioned a while back that I had tried a polish from this range and was blown away by the fact it actually does last for 7 days, rather than just claim to. With that in mind I thought it was well worth investing in another colour - even though the last thing I need is a nail varnish - so I went for this Deep Red as I feel it's a very classic colour, something everyone should have, and something I'll probably wear a lot over the winter. 
It seems this blue eye makeup trend was not just something conceived and revelled in in the madness of the Summer heat, no, it will in fact be staying with us through the winter months. Now, I'm far from into 'following trends' (I read an article last week about how 'nobody will be wearing skinny jeans next year' and haven't quite stopped chortling yet.) but this blue eye thing has now been about so long that it's piqued my curiosity -   hand me a brush, I'm going in!

I've been getting more and more into 17 makeup lately - a brand I never normally looked at at all. They've repackaged a whole bunch of stuff, and the counter at my local Boots was replaced and done up and suddenly, it just seemed a lot more inviting. I have already picked up a couple of these eye trios (I have a post coming next week) and I'm loving them. So compact, so pigmented and the colours are so well picked to go together to make a look. I've ventured out of my comfort zone a little here and chosen a green set and a purple set; really, really want to push myself a bit this winter and start making some new eye looks.

Seventeen Blow It Out Jumbo Eyeliner in Black (Swatched Below)
This isn't listed online any more, and in fact, I didn't order it - it was a freebie that came when I ordered the two eyeshadows (as well as them being 'buy one get one half price' ... bargain!!!!) There's not a whole lot to say about it, it's a chunky pencil that looks like an eye shadow pencil, but is in fact a liner. It smudges nicely and, while I think I would have used it more in a grey or brown - I think this might come in handy for doing smokey eyes, fast!

 Firstly, let me just say; I ordered two Soap and Glory makeup bits, so a little thing popped out in my basket and said it came with a free gift bag, and that's all the thought I gave it until it turned up... in the Christmas gift bag!!! It was August!!
Anyway, I've never tried this out before, but I've heard such good things about it and the ratings on the Boots site were super high, so I couldn't resist I haven't opened it yet (trying to keep it good so it won't go off before I can get to it!), but the packaging feels so luxe and more expensive than it is - always a plus with drugstore makeup!

A cream blusher stick that has some serious pigment to it! I've only used it once, so I can't say too much, but seriously you do not need to apply a lot of this! It seems to wear pretty well on me, but remember - I have very dry skin, so it may be different for you if your skin is super oily. This is a great product in terms of convenience... in theory, but I find the colour is so strong that I need to carry a brush to use with it anyway!

 17 eyeshadow trio in Vengeance (sorry, for some reason the colours are coming out really brown here, they're not in real life!) and Broken Hearted // Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Everlasting Navy // Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Blusher in Berry Jam // 17 Blow it Out Jumbo Eyeliner pencil; drawn line and then smudged out with finger. 
And that's it for another haul!
I'm still in Florida soakin' up rays and riding roller coasters, but remember posts are still going up every other day, and I'm reachable by Twitter (@kittyblackadder) and by email (!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh you picked up so many beauty goodies! Loving all the Soap & Glory makeup at the moment, that cream blush stick shade is lovely! x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Yeah I've really gotten into Soap and Glory makeup all of a sudden, I think after being allergic to some of their body stuff, I was a little cautious about the brand, but I'm so glad I started trying new things from them; I don't think I've tried any makeup yet from them that a don't like!

      Thanks for commenting!



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