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Saturday, 6 September 2014

FOTD and mini reviews: Topshop Cosmetics

I bought, and hauled here, the Topshop Best of Makeup kit (not available online any more, but I spotted it in a Glasgow store a few weeks ago)... in April. Yeah, I did the haul post, put the products away and, erm, forgot about doing anything else with them to be honest. So, I thought I'd kill as many birds with one stone as possible (which is probably not many, I have terrible aim.. and also, don't really want to kill birds) I'd do a FOTD post featuring everything in the kit and once, review it along the way, and just pray it doesn't end up making me look like a drag queen.

Pick me RuPaul! Pick Me!

See my haul post, linked above, for more info, but the set contains; a highlighter Glow Pot in Polished, a Black Kohl Pencil, a creme to powder Blusher in Head Over Heels, a Lipstick in Innocent, an Eyeshadow Quad in Tuxedo and 3D Curve Black Mascara.

 And this is the non-Topshop stuff I used (erm, not quite sure why I thought photographing it on top of the toilet was a good idea *note to self...*). Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Natural Collection Lash Care Clear Mascara (used for setting brows), Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint, Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
 So, I applied all the non-Topshop stuff first to get it out of the way and to allow me pay attention to how the Topshop stuff was performing. I just applied the foundation and concealer with my fingers, dabbed on some eye primer and filled in my brows a little - but not too much with the Archery pencil - I'm new to using this, so I'm approaching it cautiously... (... too cautiously?)

I started with blush so I could do my eyes to go along with it. The blush is in a very bright shade but with it being a cream formula, I wasn't too worried. I uhmed and ahhed; brush or finger? brush or finger? In the end I went for a finger application (because I'm more comfortable with doing that and feel I have more control)... and thank heavens I did. I dabbed each cheek literally once and felt like it took ages to stop it looking like I had painted circles on my cheeks. In the end, I'm not sure the effort was worth it; it looks nice on my cheeks, but I felt like it just faded out badly, there's no sort of graduation in colour - it's either full on,or nothing. Not the most subtle look. Bottom Line: this retails for £7, and while I don't think it's a 'bad' blush, I think there's a lot better for the money. I wouldn't repurchase a bright shade, but might at some point try out a more nude tone as it won't have the same intensity/fading problems.

I also applied my lipstick at this stage because I didn't have a choice of colours, so I wanted to have it on first so I could work my eyes to go with it. This lipstick smells divine (really fruity) and is very soft in texture, but it still gives a solid application. The pigmentation was really good and the product seemed to 'attach' really well. Because I suspected I was going to have heavier eye makeup, I patted in the colour on my lips to tone it down a little; the finished effect was even and natural looking. Bottom Line: the lipsticks retail for £8 and at that price, I think they're brilliant - or this one is at least! It's easy to work with and gives great results... and it smells tasty ... what more could you ask for?! Will definitely look to try out a couple more colours soon.

It was onto eyes next and I started by placing the kohl pencil right along my bottom water line, and into my lower lashes a little. I was really impressed with this pencil very soft, very black and very workable. It doesn't have the best wear time, but it's definitely more for making smokey eyes than being used as a liner, so it doesn't really bug me. Bottom Line: At £4 I think this is a steal and would repurchase in a heartbeat and would be eager to try out some more colours too... *oooh sable*

Onto eyeshadow now, and this is where, erm, well... I'm sure you can see. If you look at the photos above; in the palette the colours look so diverse and exciting - I was nervous and excited to use the red toned one (... how small my little world is...) but as you can see from the swatches, the colours are in fact all a bit 'meh'. I started by applying the nude shade over my full lid, and up a little onto my brow bone. This shade is nice, it's a kind of glittery sand colour; unfortunately it's just not right for my skin tone at all - too dark as a highlight/inner corner colour, too similar to my skin tone to be used to create definition. Anyway, I decided to then skip on to the reddish colour and go for it in the crease.... I loaded my brush... I took a deep breath... and I began to work it. First off; massive fallout, even with being careful to press it on, rather than brush. Second, it took forever to blend and ended up just looking patchy and faded and thirdly... does it look like the colour in the palette to you? I dunno, I know I can be harsh on shadows (nothing compares to my beloved Urban Decay...) but I was really disappointed in this.

I then took the blue/grey shade and applied it to the outer half of my lid; it had all the same blending issues, but the colour was a bit truer and more exciting. Thinking things were starting to look up, I then took the black on a small angled brush with the idea of using it along my lash line to create some definition. So I did. Hmm... must not have loaded the brush well. So I did again. Hmm... maybe it's the light in here *peers right into mirror*... oh no wait, it's just that it's badly pigmented and blending with the other murky shades... my bad. And so I decided to leave it there. Bottom Line:.... I think you can probably tell already, but for £12 I think this is hugely disappointing; even given the low bar I generally have for drugstore shadows.

Finishing touches for the eyes now; mascara. I was looking forward to this; the packaging is gorgeous, the brush is kind of fat and short (like I like my men... just kidding, sorry Kenny)  and I dunno, I just had good vibes from it. It's quite a wet mascara, I wouldn't say the brush overloads, it's just that it's a thin liquid so it's going to go everywhere - it got in my eye *yelps*, on my nose how?  and of course, all over the shadow I'd just applied. Was it worth it? Erm, no, probably not. It's not a bad mascara, it's very black, it doesn't clump, and while it doesn't give the best curl, it does seem to hold the curl it gives well.Bottom Line: It just wasn't anything special for me. I'll use it and I'm sure, grow to like it a bit, but for £10 I think there's a lot better out there, so no, I don't think I can see myself repurchasing it.

 Last thing to apply was the cream highlighter in Polished. Remember how I said I'd packed most of this stuff away and forgotten about it? Well, not this baby - this guy has been my best buddy for months now. It works into my skin so well; even if you over apply you can just kind of work it in, but even given it's softness and blendability it stays put really well. Plus, it's a nice colour/effect/thing-a-ma-jig - it's a highlight so it's shimmery, but it's like a very smooth glow, not like you're having a 90's glitter paint revival moment. I applied this to my brow bone, my cheek bones and a little on my cupid's bow. Bottom Line: love, love, love this. For £9 you get a lot of product and it's so versatile and easy to use. It's a great addition to my makeup arsenal and I can't imagine being without it now!
And so that's it for this review/ FOTD post. I hope you liked this format of post, I really liked it and so expect to see more like it over time (unless you all hated it obvs). I think for me, Topshop makeup is hit or miss. the lipsticks, kohl liner and highlighter were all total winners, but the rest was really a let down - especially that shadow quad that looked so promising. When I move to Glasgow next month I'll have more opportunity to see things in person and swatch them too, so I expect I will pick up and try some more stuff from them in the coming months.
What are your picks from the Topshop cosmetics?

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