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Friday, 12 September 2014

Gone Fishin'

Hello everyone, that's me away in Florida now! Well sort of: as this post goes live I'm actually on the train down to Manchester Airport to stay at an airport hotel before our flight to Orlando tomorrow morning (eeeeeeeeek, so exciting!)

Although this is a daily blog, I've decided, for the couple of weeks I'm in WDW to drop it down to every second day - I hope that's OK. I'm not going to have the time/be able to write and update from over there (or, erm, here now I suppose), and I felt that scheduling posts for every single day was maybe just a bit much.

I'm still on my Twitter, so if you need me for anything, Tweet me (I'm @kittyblackadder), and failing that, I'll be back to blogging daily as norm on October 1st - and I'll have some US hauls hopefully!

Thanks again everyone, and don't worry - I've scheduled some exciting stuff for when I'm away - so stay tuned!


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