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Monday, 8 September 2014

HOLIDAY TIME: Toilerty Bits

I'm off soon for 17 nights in Florida (yahoo!!) and from what I've seen on other blogs, it seems customary to do 'what I'll wear' posts etc. but in all honesty, I'm going to be in theme parks for 14 hours a day in very hot and humid weather - I'll be wearing denim shorts and little tees for the duration, that's it. And as if that wasn't enough reason to skip the 'what I'm packing' post, I'll tell you this too; I use a bumbag everyday in the theme parks! *Entire readership runs away*

Anyway, I thought I'd still do a couple of little posts about what's in my toiletries/makeup bag as I love seeing these posts from other people, but, seeing as how I don't really do luxury or pampering on this holiday - it may be a short post!

The only downside with going away to Florida for 17 nights (who am I kidding, there isn't one...) is that it's really too long a trip for all those adorable miniatures - but I still managed to justify a couple. Firstly, and rather ingeniously, The Body Shop produce some of their Eau de Toilette's in miniature - I picked up my beloved Atlas Rose scent in the adorable 10ml size; plenty to last me the trip and of course, it can go in the carry-on liquid baggie. Also from The Body Shop I picked up the Strawberry Body Polish in the 75ml size. On one hand, to save space I was tempted to just forgo a scrub for a couple of weeks, but I find sun cream, especially on my legs, does all sorts of nasty, clogging, horribleness and so I find an exfoliant to be pretty much heaven sent.

Also for use in the shower I've taken some other bits. Kenny and I find it easier to just pack one thing and share, but this time, just to be safe we're taking some bar soap from LUSH - the Sea Vegetable stuff which has a bright, citrus scent that we both adore - and also a Cream Cleanser from The Body Shop in case my skin becomes really sensitive (it happens sometimes with the heat and just foreign-ness). I'm taking this in the Brazil Nut scent as it's not too 'girly'.

For body lotion I'm taking the pump activated lighter formula body lotion from The Body Shop, this one is in the Lemon scent. It's fast to apply and hassle free, and it provides just the right level of moisture for me in a hot climate. I'll also be taking some foot lotion; I can't see past Heel Genius from Soap and Glory - I actually keep this in the fridge and apply it last thing at night to tired, theme park feet!  

Onto hair now and shampoo wise, and unfortunately I'm having a break from my beloved Lush Karma Komba bar as I'm having some scalp issues so I'll be taking the Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp shampoo to try and keep the itching at bay - this is also Kenny's 'regular' shampoo, so again it has the sharing, convenience factor for packing (AKA, more room in the case for my clothes!!). Conditioner time and I'm kinda taking the Lush Jungle Bar which is my long time favourite; so quick and easy to use, but still super hydrating - and weighs next to nothing for packing.

Onto face now and again, I'm keeping it really basic - I'm taking my Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty which is just THE. BEST. CLEANSER. EVER. for my skin and also some Lacura Facial Wipes for the inevitable lazy nights, or times where I just want a freshen. Facial Moisturiser is the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty - it does the job for me, but feels a lot lighter than many other creams I've tried. And that's it for skin care; I just use 'normal' sunscreen on it everyday for which my choice is the SPF 50+ from Boots Soltan.

And that really is it for toiletry bits - told you it would be a short list! Obviously I have all my usual toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, razors, hair gel etc, but there's nothing interesting to report there and so I'll save you reading all about the long decision making process involved in choosing a toothbrush to take - why do they make so many different ones?!?

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