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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Looking Back at my Summer Wishlist!

It's almost impossible for me to comprehend that I wrote my original Summer Wishlist post (here) almost three months ago! I doesn't even feel like Summer has come and gone. Looking back at this list, I think it's hard to imagine the weather was once hot enough to make me seriously consider a need to buy shorts!

So here's the original list, what did I get, and what remained a 'wish':

ONE // Starting off with a beauty product and I had wished for the Urban Decay Naked  Flushed Palette in Native. This wish very much came true and I am so glad I splashed out and bought this. I've used it almost daily since, and having all my face powders together in one really is such a space saver! I've featured it in various posts, including this FOTD post here.

TWO // I wrote about how my room could do with a bit of a revamp; some new bed sheets, maybe a few new storage boxes and indeed, I did take a trip to IKEA and I hauled a few things (here)... but ultimately I didn't buy much because it turns out I'm moving to Glasgow in October and will have a whole flat to spruce up, rather than just my bedroom at my mum's!

THREE // I think I mentioned in my original post that I'm not as in to Summer fashion - Scotland rarely has the climate to support it, but boy, oh boy did I want a kimono - one of the very 'in' things of Summer 2014. I tried so many on and saw so many bloggers style them - but ultimately, common sense won out and I passed on taking one of these beautiful babies home *sigh*

FOUR // At the start of the Summer, I somehow became deluded enough to think that I would be brave enough to leave the house in a skort. I am super self conscious of my legs, so I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking... needless to say, I quickly removed this from my wishlist after trying on one pair in a changing room.

FIVE // GLADIATOR SANDALS. I'm surprised I actually didn't end up getting these, but believe me, it was not for lack of trying - I looked and looked and tried so many pairs on, but with my feet being very small (UK 2) and narrow, shoes aren't easy at the best of times, and sandals - that can't be padded out with socks - are definitely the most difficult. Ultimately I did find a pair I liked, but it was August and the sunshine was long gone so I passed on them, and will no doubt resume the hunt next Summer.

I had planned on this being a continuing series - a wishlist for each season kinda thing, but seeing as how this one didn't really go to plan and I strayed so far from the pat, I'm not sure if it's worth doing one for Autumn! Do you like to see wishlist posts? Should I continue?

Thanks for reading, and just a little reminder that I'm in Florida until the 1st, and I'm not sure how easily I'll be able to access blogger to see and reply to comments. Posts are scheduled to go up every second day, and I will reply to all comments as soon as I'm home - but in the meantime, feel free to Tweet me (@kittyblackadder) or email me ( if you have any questions!

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