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Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Favourite Autumnal Accessories

One thing I really look forward to about the cooler months arriving is being able to really work the layered look and accessorise - of course, the fun kinda runs out quickly as I hobble to the bus stop in the pouring rain, clad in so many layers I end up resembling something like a cross between the Hunchback of Notredame and the Michelin Man. But still, let's think positive, we're going to have a nice dry, crisp, clear Autumn this year where I can wear these pretty accessories proudly and not have them hidden under three waterproof layers.

 Bit of a cheat listing this scarf as a favourite Auumnal accessory as actually, it's my favourite scarf for all year round wear, but still, I don't think I've mentioned it on the blog before. It was a gift, some time ago - it was originally from M&S but it's long gone now. I love the fact that it's monochrome, but still so interesting to look at. The way the birds fade down into a geometric pattern - so original and striking, but still so wearable.

Trying to avoid cracking out the wooly bauble hats just yet and I have rather been enjoying this burgundy, slouch beanie instead. It kinda says; "yeah, I'm so grungey and cool, I just rolled out of bed and am rocking this hat... and yes, my ears are toasty thanks" which is pretty much everything I look for in a hat. Also, with it being so plain, I can wear it pretty much all the time (which I mean, I would do anyway, but y'know, I look less odd this way...)

Jewellery wise and for some reason, I never really wear much in Summer but every time the weather gets cold I make out like a magpie every morning and strap as many shiny things to myself as I can - bracelets especially. These are the two I've been loving most; the gold one I got for like £3 in an Accessorize sale years ago (and it's ssooooo sturdy, I've worn it so much) and the second is a kind of rose gold looking spiky bracelet that I nabbed for £1 at a car boot sale - they clash so much, but is it weird I've been loving wearing them together?!

Rings too, never wear them in the Summer but September hits and I'm all over them. I've been loving layering and mixing up these rings - the pack cost £1 in an H&M sale last year, but I think they look a bit more expensive with the various bits of detailing on them. 

And so those are the accessories I've been wearing the most of late - as much as I hate the short days and often extreme wetness of winter here, I am, in some morbid way, also looking forward to it getting colder and colder so I can pull out my old-school winter woolies that everyone else seems to hate... you'll see why soon enough I'm sure!

A little public service announcement: I'm still in Florida soakin' up rays and riding roller coasters, but remember posts are still going up every other day, and I'm reachable by Twitter (@kittyblackadder) and by email (!
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  1. I love scarfs and that is such a pretty one! Can't wear hats though, they look terrible on me no joke x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I always thought 'I was a hat person' if you see what I mean, and the one above suits me (I think), but I went looking for a new slouchy one today and WOW did they all look awful on me - not sure if it's the shorter hair, or if I've just been walking around looking ridiculous for years and nobody's told me!



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